Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nobody can call us "Bennies"

Can you find Chase in this picture?

Chase and I just got back from the most amazing vacation in New York City and New Jersey. We spent 6 days of fun. Three days in New York and three days in New Jersey with my extended family. We packed everything we possibly could into NYC. We stayed with my sister Tiffini who lives on Fifth Avenue a couple blocks from the Empire State building. I wish I would have taken pictures of her apartment. WOW its beautiful! It was so much fun to spend time with Tiffini and her boyfriend John. They took care of us and really helped to make our trip special. As our wedding present they bought us tickets to Phantom of the Opera and Trapeze Class! We also went to a Yankees vs. Orioles game (GO ORIOLES!!), lots of shopping, Museaum of Natural History, Times Square, went on a Harbor Toar to the Empire State Building, and tons of other fun stuff. Check out our pictures!


kami said...

oh how i love nyc! i'm totally jealous. i'm glad you had an awesome time!! how was phantom?

Lacey said...

Leah! I just discovered you have a blog and I am so excited! It looks like your trip to NYC was just fabulous! Keep posting what your latest adventures are because I will LOVE to read about it all! Hope you are doing well! Tell Chase hello :)

Nicole Klingler said...

Leah, its Nicole (Bowen) Klingler. I got your blog address off of Lacey's and was so excited to see how you and your new little family are doing!!! Make sure you keep it up because its an awesome way for people to see whats going on. And as for me, its been way too long since I have seen you so I want more details. That means "TAG" you're it. Whenever you get the chance visit my blog (Lacey and I think Kami have this too) and read our posts on being tagged. I hope you join in the game. Enjoy married life!

Love, Nicole

Nicole said...

Leah! Your NYC pictures are adorable. You two are so cute. I finally finished out blog:! I sent your mom the pictures, tell me if you got them!
--Nicole Gneiting

Nicole said...

How are you two doing? How is school? How much longer? Are you getting as much snow as we are, I decided I have a meter of how much snow I like and don't like. The line has been crossed this winter.