Monday, February 25, 2008

Whats for dinner?

I guess I'm hooked into this blog stuff. I've gone from posting twice in 6 months to posting 3 times in 3 days. I'm sure it'll slow down... So lately one of my favorite things to do is read cookbooks. Ok fine I'm a dork. I used to do this and realize that I didn't have very many options to cook any of it because I would have had to go out and buy ALL the ingredients/spices, etc. Well it was a triumphant day recently when I realized that I finally have most of the basic ingredients at least. My sister calls it an "Established Kitchen". I don't have the time (or money) to cook these kinds of meals all the time but every now and then I get the itch and I go all out. Tonight was one of those nights. I made "Butternut Ravioli". Homemade pasta, a butternut squash concoction, and homemade alfredo sauce. After almost 2 1/2 hours of being in the kitchen, the meal turned out pretty dang good. Chase loved it! Chase was in charge of the lesson for Family Home Evening tonight and I was in charge of the activity so I had him help me stuff the ravioli. It was actually his idea to fork the edges which made it much cuter to look at. I'll post a few pictures and the recipes.

1 butternut squash
chicken broth
fresh pasta dough

Microwave a butternut squash for about 10 minutes, then peel and finely dice it. Suate some finely chopped onion and garlic in olive oil until soft; add teh squash and bit of chicken broth until everything is soft; add the squash and bit of chicken broth until everything is soft and combined. Make ravioli by placing a little bit of this mixture on a circle of fresh pasta dough; top with another pasta circle and press the edges together.

Its worth the calories!


kami said...

wow! that looks amazing!! i'll have to try that sometime. i'm loving your blog craziness - i'm happy you're finally posting, so keep it up!! ;)

Lindsey said...

Very impressive, I don't know that i've ever seen homemade ravioli myself, let alone butternut squash ravioli. i'll have to try it sometime! it was good to see you guys at Kylie's reception, and i'm glad to see you've updated your blog! ;)

sam and kyrsten said...

Leah... This is Kyrsten... Taryns little sister. she said that she talked to you about going to chicago.. Sam (my husband) and i are going with point to chicago we are going to be under jared and kyle they are like the owners or something of point! (sorry i dont know all of the logistics) anyways if you want to talk to us more about it that would be great... you can get to my blog through tars and ryans... its under sam and kyrsten anyways just let me know!

Nicole said...

I am impressed! Good job on the cooking. I love cooking, I just don't ever have time to stay in the kitchen for a long time! You are a great wife. I'm so glad that you figured it out and are posting so much! I love checking up on everyone. Keep it up!

Taryn said...

Yummy! I love butternut ravioli! Your blog is cute...its sad that we have to use a blog to talk so much!

Bri and Clarke said...

Hey Leah! You cutie. It looks like you guys are doin awesome! I have never tried butternut ravioli it looks way good though. I'm so glad that someone invented the Blog. I love to see what everyone is up to. Did you ever get your wedding album and pictures?

Dustin & Heather Ashcroft said...

I would love to have lunch. It would be so fun to have a girls night before Taryn moves away! Love you Leah