Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nicole tagged me...awhile ago

Six truths about myself: (some embarrassing, all true)

1. One time I went on a date with a boy who I met on the freeway. yes, its true. It was just as you'd imagine. He drove up next to me and waved, I waved back. Lets just say after a series of goofy faces back and forth, trying to throw a pen out my window and into his(it didn't work) and him finally just memorizing my number, we went to a U of U football game together. He had only been home from his mission for 2 weeks and the date went surprisingly well until he kissed me out of the blue at the end of the date. I honestly think it was his first kiss. I don't think I have to count it as a kiss since I didn't have a chance to pull away before it happened.

2. I seriously wish that I could be a flying trapeze artist in a circus or something. My sister bought me a class in NYC and I LOVED it! I was actually not half bad at it either. Here is a video. I forgot to straighten my legs at the end so I was jerked off. I had a really cool nasty bruise for weeks after.

3. I have a really crazy memory. I don't remember every little detail about things and I'm not the best at remembering names and faces-but I can tell you stories about when I was as little as 1 and 2 years old. I remember how sad I was when the Dumbo ride at Disney World was closed. I was only 3. I remember wandering around my front yard with a bottle and looking at the flowers by our tree. Its true, I remember!

4. I LOVE Utah State University SO much. I am happy to be done with school but am NOT ready to leave USU and Logan. I am a True Blooded Aggie through and through forever.

5. I took baton twirling lessons for like 4 years when I was little. When I was twelve I tried to teach lessons in my neighborhood but nobody signed up. I still remember a few things ;)

6. I like vegetables better than sweets. Its kind of weird I know-but I would take a cucumber with some salt any day over a dessert...except maybe ice cream.

Now I will tag Taryn and Nicole Gneiting


4 Reale said...

AMAZING video!

It was good running into you twice today. I sure love ya!

Have a good spring break!

Nicole said...

Leah! I can't believe that you did that trapeze routine. You are amazing, I could never get the courage up to do something like that. I love that you are posting all the time now! Tell chase we say hi!
P.S. I finally finished the husband tag!

kami said...

i can't believe that date story! leah, you're crazy! remember costa vida and your ride w/ the guy on the really hot scooter? i'd like to live life vicariously through you - you're so daring :)