Monday, March 24, 2008

Starting the season off right

I have to admit, I was really dreading coming back to wintery Logan after being in 85 degree weather for 4 days. Arizona is a fabulous place to be. Chase's track meet was at University of Arizona in Tuscan and we stayed at the "Inn and Suites" hotel. First off, Chase's track meet went really well. He threw 195 ft. For those less informed on the sport of Javelin throwing, I'll explain. Javelin isn't the kind of sport that you can practice all winter when you live in the North Pole, like we do. For some odd reason they don't let you throw 8 ft long spears indoors either. So honestly, Arizona was the first time he has gotten to throw the Javelin in about 5 months. Last year his first throw of the season he threw 178 ft and by the end of the season he had reached 208. To start the season with his first throw at 195 ft is wonderful! He only has to throw 202 ft in order to qualify for regionals (He'll take care of that at the next meet I'm sure) So as long as he keeps his elbow in good shape we will be on our way to Nationals by June! I'm so proud of my Champion. He works so hard every day to develop this talent and I am glad that I can be apart of it with him. I am lucky to have wonderful in-laws who spoil me. They are going to be traveling with the team to ALL of his track meets for his senior year and they are taking me with them! I really do love them to death and love getting to spend time with the family.

Overall the trip to Arizona was fabulous. I think it was a little stressful for Chase to have to divide his time between the team and family but I totally understood and we tried to go with the team as much as we could. We got to lounge at the pool in the sunshine, shop a bunch, and eat at some delicious restaurants. The one and only complaint is the hotel we stayed at. They had beautiful grounds and pool, but lets just say that sometimes we didn't have water, our toilet didn't flush without lifting off the lid and manually tugging the chain, there were no curtains and our window faced a bright, honking freeway, and numerous times in one night rogue fire alarms rang out for long periods of time. What an adventure!


kami said...

that is so neat!!

Nicole said...

Wow! I'm embarressed to say that I've never seen someone throw a javeline. I love the video and it was really exciting! That is so fun that you get to go to all of these track meets with his family. Arizona, I'm jealous! Tell him the Gneitings wish him good luck!