Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our little baby and the Javelin competition

Penny has been an absolute doll to have. She is so much fun and is even cuter in real life than in pictures. She has a sweet, spunky personality and I can tell she is very happy in her new home. We are working hard to train her correctly so that she likes people, other pets and dogs, house training, and of course the basic commands. The housetraining part is going really well but we aren't all that fond of the 3 am and 4 am whining for a potty trip. I think this is a good experience for Chase and I to practice being parents! We love our little Penny.

Quick story: Last year at my sister in law Jade's graduation, Chase told my Dad that even though he can throw the javelin 208 ft, my Dad wouldn't even be able to throw 90 feet if he picked up a javelin. My Dad and brother took this as a challenge and we have joked about that for the last year. We always talked about actually putting it to the test but never got a chance. Finally while everyone was in town, we decided to make it happen. It was hilarious! Chase gave us all a mini lesson on the technique and then we did our best to throw the javelin. Just as Chase suspected, Kyle and my Dad threw about 100 ft. after practicing over and over. It was a very fun experience and I loved to watch my husband humbly teach my Dad and brother something that he is extremely good at.

Also, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday and I just wanted to tell him that he is the best Dad in the whole world and I have learned so much about life and hard work from him! I love his cheerful disposition and his health-conscious attitude. I love you Dad!!!


Nicole said...

Congratulations on graduating Leah!! You look like a movie star in your photos!! And your new addition is adorable. I just love puppies and it is so hard not to ant one after looking at those pictures!! How are house training her? How big is she going to get?

Broin's said...

i'm so sick of the weather! it needs to make up its mind soon! you're little puppy is so cute! chris said he saw you guys at the shop last week and got to see it. congrats on graduating! it feels nice huh?