Thursday, July 10, 2008

sales, sales sales

Well I feel like even though I have some time to update our blog, I don't have anything interesting to update it with! That is really sad, I know.

Basically this is what our life consists of for the time we are in Seattle:

7:00 Take Penny out and then cuddle with her on our bed
8:00 am wake up
8:0010:00 shower, eat breakfast, play with Penny, pack lunch
10:15 arrive at the office-check email
11:00 Correlation meeting (training, goal setting, etc.)
12:00 head out to our area
12:30-9:15pm knock on doors, sell pest control, look for bugs, get the door slammed in our faces, make some money
9:40 do paperwork for our sales
10:15 go home, eat dinner
11:30 bedtime (finally)

I'm sure this was extremely boring for most of you. Sorry. I guess it kind of shows what our life consists of these days. Don't get me wrong though, its a pretty tedious lifestyle but its not horrible. We make whatever fun we can and try to do lots of fun things between 6:00 pm on Saturday night and Sunday.

Here are some fun pictures of the Fourth of July. It was a WONDERFUL extra day off and we really had a lot of fun going into Seattle.


sam and kyrsten said...

oh leah i totally understand the craziness of it all! it looks like you guys are doing good! hope your enjoying the little time you have together! :)

Boonie and Jenn said...

It is so good to actually hear about you two! Hope you are having fun, but we miss you here! When are you coming home? Hope its soon :)

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Leah! I found your blog! We have one too, ours is I can't believe you guys are selling this summer- that's hard work!! It's good to hear you are doing well.

Nicole said...

Looks like you are still having fun while you work! We miss you guys and hope that you make the most money of anyone in the office! Way to go!

Rachel and Jason said...

Good to hear you guys are still alive and kicking! I tagged you, Leah. If you have time:)

jenifer said...

so fun to hear from you!! hope you're enjoying your summer and that there are a lot of bugs in Washington... you both are just adorable... luv ya!!

kami said...

hey sorry it's taken me awhile to respond. for max's letters, i painted them, but i have also seen people cover them with fabric or with scrapbooking paper. scrapbooking paper would probably be easier and it's super cute. if i would have thought of it, that's what i would have done. here's a link to one of my friend's:
hopefully this helps you out! tell jade and kyle congrats! how are you two doing?