Thursday, August 28, 2008

adorable new babies, fairs, and snacks

After a long summer, Chase and I are happily back in Logan! Although it was a good experience, we sure were happy to say goodbye to Pointe Pest Control and move back to Logan. This past week we were able to see our families, welcome a new neice into the world, and lots of other fun things. On Thursday August 21, 2008 Tayler Jade Enzler was welcomed into this world. She is such a beautiful baby and it was so fun to see my brother Kyle as a Dad. Jade was just an adorable new mom and the baby has her beautiful full lips. Here are some pics!
We also got to go to the Western Idaho Fair with some very close friends from High School. Kim just returned from a mission in Brazil and I hadn't seen Summer in a long time too. I just LOVE these girls! We didn't skip a beat, it was so fun to catch up and go on a triple date together.

(L to R- Leah, Shayla, Leah, Kim, Ashley, Kristi, Summer)
It was also Leah Vanwagenen's homecoming talk from her mission in Argentina. It is not very often that so many of "the girls" are able to all get together. Its too bad we were missing a few!
We finally got back to Logan early this week and I was just exhausted. I guess Penny was too. She is such a cuddly dog!
I was making brocolli the other night and when I caught a whiff of the smell it instantly reminded me of this snack that I hadn't eaten or thought of in years and years. My mom and I used to eat it when I was little. It is SO delicious even though it sounds kind of weird. I love it though becasue its so fast and rather healthy. You just melt some cheese on a tortilla and put a pickle slice and a few sprigs of brocolli. mmmmmm!!! Its delicious! I am always looking for easy,healthy, delicious snacks. Do any of you have any ideas? What is your favorite thing to eat when you aren't hungary enough for a meal?


Lacey said...

I am glad you finally have a new blog post leah! AND it was great to see some familiar faces! You girls all look so cute!

Derek and Bre said...

We're glad you are back! I hope the summer went well for you guys. Did Chase tell you I saw him on campus the other day?

sam and kyrsten said...

i just saw that you are friends with kim! I dont know her personally, but her sister rebecca and i are really good friends! thats way fun! im glad you guys had a good summer and are back home! its great isnt it?

kami said...

miss you girls! a snack i like is triscuits and hummus (who am i kidding though...i don't ever have those in my house!) or vanilla wafers but that's not exactly healthy :)