Thursday, September 18, 2008

The last couple days...

The last couple days have basically looked the same as the last couple weeks. Consisting of alternating between looking online for job openings, driving around town for ideas of where to drop off my resume, eating lunch with my hubby, and hanging out with Penny. For some reason though, the last couple days have felt different. Although nothing major has changed, a collection of small things has made a big impact on my perspective.

Yesterday morning as I checked "craigs list", the classifieds, (with fingers crossed) and my email, I received an unexpected little gift from a great friend is Boise. Oh what a blessing it was! This short video brought the spirit immediately and also brought me back to where I needed to be. Its only six minutes long, you won't be disappointed if you watch it.

After watching this video a couple of times throughout the day, I sat down and worked on my RS lesson for this Sunday. "Beyond the Veil-Life in the Eternities". (Its chapter 18 in the Teachings of Joseph Smith manual-read it so you'll be prepared for RS) As I've studied the topic of what we have to look forward to after this life, I just thought about how short our time on Earth is; and how our reward afterward is everlasting. What a wonderful driving force through all those day to day stresses and trials that we have! No matter what we go through now, it will soon end, and we will have become stronger for it. Heavenly Father's plan for the eternities is such a merciful, happy blessing. Our time on Earth is a time to learn, grow and find happiness through our families and work towards those eternal goals.

This morning I found out that Jade's step-brother Brian was killed last night in California. What a shock and tragedy that is. It just came as a reminder that life is a gift from our Heavenly Father. There are no guarantees of how long we'll be here so there is no reason to waste a minute doing what we came here to do.

Lastly, I finally got up the courage to actually go to this website and
to see what everyone meant when they talked about being touched by this family and their story. I had been avoiding it because, to be honest, I didn't want to be sad and worry about something that I had no control over. But I know what everyone meant now. I too, really connect with them. It reaffirmed the thoughts that I've been having over the last couple days. Life is fragile. Heavenly Father loves us and is guiding our lives. When things don't turn out exactly how we imagined, He probably has something better in store for us. It is amazing how they are able to see the blessings through this horrible tragedy.

Sorry this was so long. I just had a lot on my mind. I have lots of pictures and adventures to write about soon, I'm just a little behind!


kami said...

leah, i loved reading your thoughts. i feel the same way as you. when you see such tragedies it only makes you think how fragile life is. that tends to make me fearful but i ought to just increase my faith (and i do eventually). thanks, i really needed to hear what you said!

Lacey said...

Leah- that is so crazy about jades stepbrother. I was watching the local news here in california and saw the story and I was like "wait I totally recognize that guy" and sure enough he graduated from eagle! Everything does happen for a reason even though sometimes its VERY extremely hard to see why.