Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 lovely years!

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary and we are just as madly in love as our wedding day.
What a wonderful two years it has been! Here are some pictures:

(Sorry some of these pictures aren't very good quality for online, but you get the gist)

Our cruise was planned for our anniversary
so we just did sweet-thoughtful things for eachother rather than spending money.
Chase wrote me a very sweet love letter.
Included in it was a list of "Fun memories" from the past two years.
Here are a few that he listed:
-Getting a Penny
-Trip to NY (flying trapeze)
-Six flags trip for track meets
-Christmas with the Enzlers
-Discovery of "Tom" (this one is an inside joke-story for another day)
-You were my nurse on Halloween
-Your graduation-shaking hands with Elder Perry
-Romantic Anniversary Inn (that was last year's anniversary getaway)
-Working all Summer with you selling pest control-you are so tough!
-Being two years married to my best friend!!

Can't wait for another billion trillion years of happiness together!!


Ashley and Zach Smart said...

I cannot believe it has been two years already! I'm so glad to say I was there when it all started. Congrats you guys! You are so cute together!

Boonie and Jenn said...

Oh happy anniversary! Sorry I forgot about it!

Nicole said...

Your cruise looked so fun!! That is so awesome that you two went! My favorite part...of course....were the glasses. We just happen to be hanging out with someone you know....Jeff Wagener! He says hi!

Nicole and Andy said...

Your picts are beautiful! Congratulations on 2 years! And that's awesome you had a good summer with pest control. Hope you're having a good fall in Cache Valley.a

kami said...

ahh happy anniversary! that was a BEAUTIFUL day!

sam and kyrsten said...

hey congratulations! 2 years is wonderful! ps your cruise looked like a blast! Im so jealous!