Sunday, November 23, 2008


Holidays are for family, sharing your love, and expressing gratitude for your blessings.
Tonight gratitude for a wonderful family has been on my mind.
I was blessed to be born into the most amazing family.
My parents made so many sacrifices throughout my life to ensure that we had a close family bond.
There is nothing more important in this life than our family.
Friends (even close ones) come and go
but it is our family that is really there when life gets hard,
when you need someone to turn to.
Even though I don't get to see all of my brothers and sisters very often,
they mean to world to me and I miss them so much.
Most of my brothers and sisters live far away.
Tiffini and John live in New York City,
Brian and Thip and Matt and Dara live in Texas,
Kyle and Jade are in Eagle right around the corner from my parents, and Kaela lives in Logan.
I wish that we all lived closer together so that we could see eachother more often.
When we get together there is lots of laughter, basketball, football watching, delicious food, "friendly debating", and teasing.
It doesn't look like we're all going to get together this Thanksgiving or Christmas, but they will all be on my mind. Love you guys!!The sisters minus Dara at Matt and Dara's wedding June 2006

The brothers-Brian, Kyle, Matt


Derek and Bre said...

We do have so much to be thankful for! You have always been the type to notice all the wonderful little things in life, like all the sunsets :) I remember so many times you saying you have got to go look outside!

Lacey said...

family is great! you have a beautiful one!

Lacey said...

yay! that will be so fun to see you! So, its at 11:00 saturday at my house and come to the side pool house because our house is under construction!

Lacey said...

by "my house" i mean my parents... yah.

kami said...

i see lacey already told you but just in's at 11 in lacey's parent's pool house! i am SO excited to see you!!

kimchristiansen said...

Leah!!! hello it has been a long long time!! thank you! life is good just still in school! blah, how are things with you?

Doug and Kirii said...

Hi Leah it was so good to see you in person at Lacey's. You are still as sweet and beautiful as ever. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!