Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can't resist that urge...

I've heard it hits sometime in the third trimester-that "nesting" urge.
I know what it feels like now.
There is something about creating a warm, safe place to welcome your new baby into
that is too powerful to resist.

I've got a "To Do" list the size of Texas.
I wish my workplace would hurry up and tell me that my temporary position is over
so I can get to work preparing a home for our little boy!

(Ok, I take that back. I need to work as long as I can. Thanks job!!)

Here is a quick recap of the last few weeks.
-Baby Taylor is growing as he should and his little kicks are not so little anymore.
-The doctor told me to eat more ice cream
(this was after I told her that I eat 3-4 bowls a week)
-Chase continues to show me how great of a Dad he is going to be
-My wonderful in-laws just got called as MISSION PRESIDENTS!!
(We are THRILLED for them,
but we are still mourning the fact that they will be away for 3 yrs)
-I turned 24 years old. I'm an oldy old, I know.
-We packed a ton of fun into a weekend in Boise-ie Outback Steakhouse, movies, Baby showers, family time... thanks again guys, I love you!

-I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks. whew, that was hard work...thanks, ice cream!!

32 weeks.
Don't worry, Kaela's is a pillow.

I had to include this picture to show you how excited Chase is to have this baby.
I caught him cooing and tickling Penny like a baby a few months ago.


Jalene said...

haha! that picture of chase and penny is sooo funny.

kami said...

your belly's so cute and kayla's actually looks real! time is a ticking!

Taryn said...

Just wait until you have 5 DAYS left! Then you will want to be scrubbing, organizing and dusting every nook and cranny in your house. That is so exciting about Chase's parents! Where are they going? And I am probably the worst friend sorry I missed your birthday! But hopefully you got the gift I sent for your showere?!?! If not let me know!

Taryn said...

And by the way your belly is darling! Only 8 weeks left?!?! It will fly!

Lacey said...

leah you look so cute! that baby is going to be here before you know it! yay!

kami said...

oh leah i am so bad...i forgot to leave this in the comments but i totally missed your birthday! if it makes you feel any better, i remembered your birthday a few days before but when it actually came, i forgot to call you! so please forgive me :( i hope it was a great birthday!

ps i always remember yours and heidi's birthdays cuz we were the three january birthdays!

Nicole and Andy said...

You're getting so close! We're really excited for you guys.