Friday, January 1, 2010

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Does anyone else find this yucky pressure to make sure your posts are captivating, well written, not too self-centered, and full of cute pictures? I don't like it. I'm pretty sure my posts are normally none of those things, but I still put off updating for too long and then I end up throwing something up so I can keep a record of it. I'm going to try harder not to care. Anyway, back to business :)

This was the first year where our families (most of them) were close enough together that we could split up the holiday. We still missed Kyle, Jade, Tayler, Bri, Matt, and Dara, but at least we were able to have some Taylor and Enzler flavor at the same time.
Christmas eve was spent with the Taylors eating a delicious fondue buffet. ...delicous and so much fun! In the evening we cuddled up around the tree in our matching PJ's and each shared something we love about our Savior. It was the perfect way to keep ourselves focused on what Christmas is really all about.
After exchanging gifts in the morning and feeling so spoiled and loved by the Taylors, we drove to Park City to spend the rest of the day at the INCREDIBLE condo that Tiffini and John rented. Mom, Dad, and Kaela were already there waiting for us to join the party. We sat around the fire and read Santa's letter to the Enzler's family and exchanged gifts lovingly picked out for eachother.
There is something so special about Christmas and how it brings family's closer together. Even when you can't be with all of those that you love in person, you can still strenthen the bonds with eachother as you talk on the phone. Hopefully next year it will be in person!

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