Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SIX {months}!

So are you telling me that Baby Beck isn't going to be my baby forever? 
...because I am going to have a hard time with that. 
I can't believe he is already six months. 
It seems impossible that this kid could have blessed our lives so much in such a short period. 
 We just love him so much!
** Warning.  Picture overload.  This is what you get from me not blogging enough lately ***

Here are Beck's six month stats.
weight:  15 lb 10 oz 25%
length: 27" 75%
head: 17'' 30%

Still tall. still skinny. still cute.

Beck's first round of rice cereal (at about 5 months) backed him up for a week-
This round (at 6 months went much better) Boy oh boy this boy loves his food. 

So much in fact-that he eats his bib if we don't give him the next bite fast enough.

Besides being held by someone who loves him, this is his next favorite place to be...his jumperoo.

I LOVE those wide eyes!

Mr. Beck is very curious.  He notices textures and has made it difficult for mommy to hold him and anything else at the same time because he dives for whatever is in my hand

He has recently started showing excitement for people (and Penny). 
When Chase brings him in to me in the morning he always gets a huge grin and reaches for me. 
 It melts me to puddles.
always big smiles!
...especially when he's wearing his favorite team's colors (TEXAS is one of many)

Penny and Beck are better friends than ever. 
We sit in the grass almost daily and Beck laughs as Penny runs around us

Penny loves him too but is very careful to jump back in time to escape his death grip on her ears
Christmas 2010.  jk! 
 We took this pic because we happened to all be in black and red and thought it looked like Christmas morning. 
mmmm...irresistible to me!
Our little man is a mover.  He is constantly rolling around the room to get to a toy (or Penny) He gets up on his elbows and stands on his feet like he's going to crawl-but then he just flips over.

He has mastered sitting up! 
These pictures were about a week ago when he sat Humpty dumpty style but now he is pretty stable. 
He can sit for longer periods every day. 

Mr. Man is also a charmer.  He is the biggest distraction at church. 

We love you Budly!


Taryn said...

He is getting so big! It is so crazy and awesome and sad and exciting that they are growing up! Stella now has almost 6 teeth and started clapping one day. It is crazy what they learn and how fast they learn it. Looks like you guys are doing well. Thanks for sharing that scripture with me! I also love it :)

Suzie Koskella said...

oh my goodness he is so cute! :) i have his smile! adorable!

Dara said...

Way to go Beck - hook em horns :)