Monday, November 8, 2010

back to reality

Does anyone else feel like it takes just as long as a vacation to get caught up after one?  Life has been so crazy lately.  I love it though. 

My trip to Atlanta was an absolute pleasure.  Beck and I flew back to visit my favorite older sister, Tiffini and John.  Their kids (Axel and Yogi) loved Beck just as much as he loved them.  It has been years since I have gotten to spend a whole week with Tiffini and I loved the whole thing.  She really spoiled me and Beck.  Atlanta is a beautiful city. I love the windy, wooded roads.  I got carsick driving because I was looking left, right, left at the incredible homes on either side of the road. 

Tiffini and I often talk about recipes and food when we chat so we decided to try our hand at some funky recipes while I was there.  One night we cooked Pan-Seared Tuna with a shiitake-cream sauce and mashed cauliflower....mmmmm...another night we made shrimp risotto and grilled flatbread with candied onion and goat cheese.  You're jealous right?!  Do you think we are gourmet cooks?  It may have tasted like it was made by professionals but I don't think it takes gourmet cooks 3 hours to cook dinner. One of my favorites was our Thai night.  We chose three recipes that we thought sounded delicious.  Green curry chicken, chicken and mango lettuce wraps, and Thai Coconut soup.  Everything turned out sooooo good, even at 9:30 at night...

We kept ourselves busy during the days though too.  We worked out, shopped at stores that made me wish I had millions of dollars to spare, played with the dogs, hung out with Tiffini's friends, went to the Atlanta aquarium, got manicures, played with Beck, and had lots of girl talk.  I loved that Beck got to spend a whole week loving on his Aunt Tiffini. 
Even though I did feel bad being away from Chase for Beck's first Halloween, we had so much fun celebrating Atlanta style.  Beck loved greeting the trick-or treaters.  He was the cutest little scarecrow ever, if I do say so myself!!

Tiffini and John were the best hosts ever.  I think its hard to have someone (and their baby) come disturb regular life for a week but they never acted annoyed about working around the baby's schedule, or having to wait for fifteen minutes while I waited in line at the baby changing station at the aquarium (blowouts happen at the worst times don't they?!) Anyway, Thanks for making it such a wonderful trip guys.  Beck and I sure love you!!!


Derek and Bre said...

It looks like you had fun with your sis! I will agree Beck is the cutest scarecrow ever!

Jalene said...

beck is the cutest scarecrow!!!

and i love the photo of you and him in the aquairum! so cool!

President and Sister Taylor said...

Can't wait to see that cute little guy! Only 37 days! Love you--Grandma Taylor (Jr.)

Ihler Family said...

He does look so cute!

Boonie and Jenn said...

LOVE his outfit! So cute!!!