Tuesday, December 7, 2010

longer out than in

Nine whole months.  The same amount of time he was in my tummy.  I can barely remember what life was like without this little guy. He has changed my life (for the good) in more ways than I can count. 

I followed Beck around taking pictures of the busy fella but all of the sudden my computer won't read my card... Anyone have any ideas of what to do?! I'm panicking! I guess I'll just give you some recent shots that I had already uploaded.
 Beck loves his special time with Daddy
 This is his "squeeling with excitement face"
 Beck's best friend is his cousin Tayler-who now lives 10 minutes away-YAY!
 He watches every thing she does

 loves his food...he has graduated to much chunkier foods and he thinks he is so cool when he  feeds himself
 always quick to smile-especially at Daddy

Everyone stops us to comment on his big brown eyes. 
Something about them just captures people...and me too
A few things about Beck at nine months:
He has been crawling since 8 months, and pulling himself up on things right around the same time.  He gets more and more daring every day.  In the last week he has cut 3 teeth and has 2 more popping out now.  I have noticed that they bothered him but he is still a happy boy.  Beck does this little lounge thing on the ground when he is playing.  It is hilarious!  I have pictures but I'll add them when I can get my memory card working again.  He has always loved music.  If anyone around him is singing, he has to join in.  Watching him grow is so exciting.  Every day you can see him learn and become more independent. 


kami said...

his eyelashes are soooo beautiful!! he's so super cute. i love the picture of him holding the big apple. it is crazy how quickly time flies!

President and Sister Taylor said...

Love that little boy. His dad had the same big brown melty eyes when he was a baby. Can't wait to see that little sweetheart and his parents! Mom T.

Suzie Koskella said...

he does have the most beautiful eyelashes!! leah he is adorable! :)