Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Almost} FREE LOOT!

Lets play a game, shall we? 

The Price is Right.

Look at this group of  items here, and take a gander at what you think we paid for it all. 

1.  XBOX with Kinect   2.  Dance Central for Kinect  3.  Alpha Omega Car Convertable Car Seat
If you know your stuff, you probaby guessed around $450.00.

Wanna know how much we actually paid for it all? 

a whopping $45!

You can call it good planning, or blessings, or the Luck o' the Irish, but all I know is, we are happy about it!

Just for fun, here is how we did it. 
Xbox kinect:  We sold our Ninendo Wii for $225, had a $50 Visa Gift card from Christmas, and spent $25 of our own money.  (we got the Wii for free doing summer sales 3 years ago)
(Side note, have you heard of the kinect? YOU are the controller, Its amazing!)
I went to the dentist (for free with insurance) and got a $50 Gift Card to Walmart.  Dance Central= FREE
Car Seat:  US Bank was holding a special on Checking accounts.  If you opened a new one, you get $75 .  no catches.  thus, a new car seat costs us $20 for the difference since it was on sale!


I am happy because I think I am dancing, but really I'm working out. 
Chase is happy because he gets to play NCAA football on the xbox.
Beck is happy because he is forward facing in the car.

Win. Win. WIN!!

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Jalene said...

haha!! that's great!