Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the everyday

When people ask me what I've been up to, my only real answer is "chasing Beck around, and regular life".  Nothing SUPER exciting is going on in my life,  we're just living every day, glad to be alive and happy.  I know I sound like I have a super boring life, but its not true!  I LOVE chasing Beck around all day.  I love coming up with what we're going to have for dinner, and taking care of our home.  Every day when Chase gets home from work we hang out and decompress about our day.  I tell him about Beck's poops and naps for the day, he tells me about the people he helps at work.   thrilling right?  But its real life, and I like it! 

This was my exchange with Chase over text today.
Him:  "I love my job babe!"

me:  "I'm so glad you love your job, that makes me sooo happy!  Guess what!  I love my job too!"

See?  Life is great, even though we aren't planning fancy trips and having grand adventures, its great.  Yes. that stuff would be nice, I'm not saying that.  I'm just saying that we love life even when its regular.  When every day almost seems to repeat itself. 

I do want to post more often though.  I love that when I look back on my blog I get a glimpse of what life was like when we were newlyweds.  I used to post about every day life.  I just need to get it out of my head that I post when we have an event.  I want to post about the little things.  The funny things Beck does, the day to day fluff.  So, here is my goal.  I am going to post more often, and I am not going to worry about how well it is written, or if it will be boring for other people to read.  This blog is for me, so I can look back and remember what this stage of life was like.  So, no judging here, or there I should say!  hehe

For now, here are some pictures of Taylor "moments"


Jalene said...

he's so dang cute. probably the cutest little kid ever ever ever ever.

Matt and Carolyn said...

so cute! I like to read about the every day stuff too! you won't lose this reader lol:)

Jodi said...

That picture of him walking is awesome! The look on Chase's face in the background and the fact that he and Beck look so much alike is priceless!

whit939watts said...

i like that you're going to post more and i like hearing what you guys are up to!
hope you're doing well.

Chelsi said...

Cute cute memories! I love the updates. Can't wait to get together again!! 5 more weeks of school - yay!