Wednesday, April 6, 2011

live in action

Our little Beck has been so much fun lately. He seems to be extra happy now that he has the freedom to walk around. He is quick to laugh-especially when he is tired. The last video is one of his favorite activities. I must admit. I stole this laugh-inducing technique from my Dad and Bro-in-law Garrett.

Every now and then when we are driving in the car or while I'm cleaning the kitchen and he is in his high chair, he will start blowing kisses (smacking his lips) with a huge grin until I look at him. He'll do it a few times and then go about his business, almost to say, "Just want you to know I love you Mom!" It makes my day every time. (first video)

I think he understands I lot more than I give him credit for. The other day he found a binky on the table and plopped it in his mouth. He only has them at nap time so I saw him from across the room and said "Beck, can momma please have your binky?" He immediately crawled right over to me, pulled his binky out of his mouth and put it in my outstretched hand. Genius I tell you! haha just kidding-but I was impressed. I've tested it out a few times since then and he usually knows what I am asking.

Lastly, here is a video of the little guy in action. 
This was one of the first days that his walking really took off. 


jalene said...

haha! that laugh is adorable!

Kaela Frame said...

cutest thing ever! The laughing video is my fav!

Gigi Davis said...

Is there anything sweeter than the laughter of a baby? i don't think so! He is so sweet and adorable. good job you two!

Chase said...

I love the one with him walking around with his bottle! He's just our little man!