Monday, June 6, 2011

back to life...back to reality

(picture me singing that)
Do you remember that song?
me neither.
Thats the only line that I've got.
So, I found myself a little refresher. 
For those who want a flash back, click HERE.
enjoy. I definitely did.

Now, back to this post.
Can I just say that flying alone with a 15 month old is exhausting?
We are home now.
Atlanta was so much fun.
It sure was great to see my Chase again though.
I really missed my man
I wish I had the camera out when Beck saw his Daddy at the airport.

huge smiles.
so. darn. cute.
Those two are such pals.

I wish I could say that I came home,
 threw Beck in the tub and started unpacking and washing barrels of laundry.
I did not do that however. 
I came home, threw Beck in the tub,
 (ick! nasty airport germs!)
and proceeded to catch up on blogs I've missed for a week. 
whoops! I guess laundry will have to come later.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the family vacay. 

and here is a chuckle moment from the trip:

Beck running around in his cousin's princess pullups
because our flight was cancelled and we were stuck in Houston overnight...
...with no more diapers. 
Bad parents, I know. 

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kami said...

What a fun trip!! Beck is so cute. I'm so sorry about your sister's is beautiful, by the way. I'm glad you made the best of it and still enjoyed the family "reunion." xoxo!

Ruth said...

I saw the photo of you and your baby from SITS Girls and thought it's really beautiful. So I followed the link and came to your blog and I must say it's really lovely!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I flew alone with a 15 month old AND a 3 year old and I have to say it was easier than when I tried to do it with their dad... well, except for when I had to take the 3 year old to the bathroom and the 15 month old screamed from her seat the whole time and I couldn't shut the door to the plane bathroom, so my kid was on the pot, I was trying to keep him from touching anything, with my own backside sticking out the door as I kept trying to pop out and reassure the baby 10 rows back... another mother tried to help... fun times.. but it was only 5 minutes... the rest felt like cake! :) Really!

Glad you had a lovely trip!