Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Excuse the complaints, please

In addition to the normal full-term pregnancy aches and pains
I just came down with a cold of some sort.
Beck has had it for the last week and it made him pretty miserable.
You never like to see your usually happy boy so grumpy.

I was crossing my fingers that I didn't catch it
but today I woke up achy and stuffy and it has progressed throughout the day.
My sister Tiffini has given me strict orders. 
"Drink so much water that you feel like you want to throw up if you take another sip"
Proof? I have LITERALLY had to pee every 30 min or less.
"Eat lots of fruits and veggies"
Check and check.

Spinach/chicken salad for dinner two nights in a row
Spinach/fruit smoothie for lunch
"REST as much as possible"
I have really tried today. 
But it was 82 Degrees and the sunshine beckoned us to the park
"Load up on Vitamin C"
uhhh...that one I haven't quite done...
"Treat yourself to some delicious dark chocolate"
check.  Except I might have made that order up.
hee hee
I just really, REALLY don't want to go into labor while sick-
or come home with a newborn being sick.
It would just be terrible.
Cross your fingers for me huh?
and send any other tips you might have this way.
muchas gracias.

39 weeks

On a happier note,
We are SO excited for baby brother to make his debut.
Beck has been obsessed with pointing out Momma's and Babies lately
He knows what stuff around the house is for baby
-not really sure how, I guess he's just intuitive.
We were talking to him about babies about a month ago and told him that newborn babies:
sleep a lot,
cry a lot,
we have to be very gentle with them, etc. etc.
and then they grow and we can play with them.
Now EVERY time he sees a baby (or toddler for that matter)
he announces that they are a baby, and then asks if they are going "night night"
It is actually pretty hilarious that he never forgot. 
I have no doubt that he is going to be a super sweet big brother
case in point: 

...his sweetness towards "Bunny, "Teddy", and Penny"
I just hope he handles the divided attention from mom and dad alright.
Luckily Mimi (my mom)  is arriving soon,
and then at the beginning of April, Grandma and Uncle Lincoln and Aunt Jalene are coming.
YAY again!!
Heck, with all that extra attention from them he will be in heaven!

I think all the excitement will do him some good actually.
I feel like he is bored lately.
An example:
The other day I left the room for 1.5 minutes and came out to this:

He had learned how fun it was to sip his milk and then blow it out of his mouth.
All down his shirt,
all over the kitchen floor,
all over the lower cabinets,
and also,
all over the dog.

I thought it was a reeeeeealy cute trick ;) 

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karly [plums and mustard] said...

haha oh my goodness you look stinkiin' dang cute! such a funny picture of beck and his milk!

Rachel and Jason said...

Leah! You look SO cute. Like you swallowed a basketball. I can probably guess that you don't feel that way, though, and are anxiously awaiting that little babe of yours! Our fingers are crossed for you to get better soon! Much love! Hang in there.

Mom and Dad said...

I can't wait to see you all--especially Beck and all his buddies. And the new little guy. You are in our prayers. Love y'all.

Taryn said...

So sorry you are sick! A 9 month pregnant woman should never be sick (really moms just should never get sick!) Hope everyone feels better very very soon so that little boy can arrive to a healthy family. I'm getting excited for you! Can't wait to hear the news!!!

Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Oh, good luck my dear Leah! I miss you guys so much. I'll pray that all goes well for you. You're so close! Such a drag to be sick as a mama... I'm feeling extra sympathetic because that was totally us just a week or two ago. Some hateful virus just ravaged our whole house - everyone was sick! Even my little Lucy. ): It definitely makes you grateful when good health returns! Love you, girl. Take care! (You and I need to catch up on the phone some time...)

Madills said...

You are the cutest ever!! Hoping for a quick recovery so you can have a sickless delivery!!