Monday, June 10, 2013

Lately with Team Taylor

woah. A post. I know, right?! 

I actually write posts in my head daily.  But I just never quite get them written down.  I can't shake this feeling that if I don't get back to blogging, or scrapbooking, or journal-keeping, then I am too quickly going to forget what my sweet life looks like right now.  Its not perfect, there are really hard days at home with the hooligans.  There are days when I am not as productive or patient as I strive to be, when the house is a mess and Beck gets PB & honey for 2/3 meals.  (He actually loves when that happens) But intermixed in the brother-bullys and baby breakdowns, there is lots and lots of joy.  Those  moments when big brother makes a silly noise just to hear little brother laugh, when Greyson stops what he is doing and runs full speed into my arms for a random hug, when Beck asks a question that shows how smart and perceptive he is and I just beam with pride.  When Beck and I are both sitting on the couch and he gets up and moves to my lap instead.  Those little moments that make the sweeping up sticky food 6 times a day worth it.  Those are little moments that I wish I could sear into my brain forever. I hope to do better at recording our little family's history at this moment in time, because as messy as it sometimes feels, it really is special.

So here is the classic Christmas card newsletter updating you on our family.


This year has been an exciting one so far!  I think we are on our way to traveling more this year than any other year in our marriage.  We went took a family trip to visit my brother Kyle and his family in Kona, Hawaii for 7 days in February, Chase and I escaped to Florida WITHOUT kids for 4 days in March, my Mom came and hung out with the kiddos while we were gone and stayed a few days extra with us, we have been down to Oklahoma twice so far, once for (Chase's sister) Abigail and Tyler's wedding, and once to celebrate Preston's graduation and help with tornado cleanup.  Beck and Greyson and I even jogged 3 hours further south to spend a quick night with my brother's Brian and Matt and parents in Dallas.  This past weekend we took our first (just us) Taylor family trip to Branson, Missouri.  We are also planning to visit Utah and Idaho this summer.  It is so fun to get away every now and then!  The plan is to blog about each of these trips...good luck to moi.


Our Grey Grey is still a tiny thing.  At his 1 year check up he was only in the 4th percentile for weight.  This was an improvement because at his 9 month he was in the "Less than 3 percentile" group! He may be small in stature, but he makes up for it in personality.  He loves to tease, play peekaboo, run, and although he pretends to be a little bit naughty when you are watching, ie smirks at you and continues to do what you asked him not to, I often see him make a good choice when he doesn't know I watch him.  Let me tell you, those moments when you see their ball roll into the street and they run full speed and hit the brakes right at the edge of the sure makes you swell with pride.  Its good to know they ARE learning and listening, even if they try not to let you know it. He is such a good talker, whether he is using real words or having a conversation with his own little babble.  Since he was 8 or 9 months he has been an excellent mimic-er.  He will often copy words that we say almost perfectly.  His first word was basketball or "ba-ke-ball" and he has consistently said it all day everyday for about two months now.  The boy takes after his brother at this age and is COMPLETELY obsessed with anything that resembles a ball.  We sure love this little boy of ours!

Our Beckster boy is so much fun.  I keep hearing that age three is a lot harder than age two.  I am SERIOUSLY hoping this isn't true.  So far, it has proven false for Beck.  It seems like the day he turned three he just got easier.  He is my little buddy and loves to chat my ear off all day.  He has such an inquisitive little mind asks lots and lots of questions.  Usually its "What does this say, Mom?" In April he conquered the potty and is now a complete potty training pro-day and night.  Beck is still the most snuggly, cuddly, sweetest little man.  He has so much love for his family and is constantly "showing" it to Greyson in his own little way-whether its welcomed or not. Beck starts his very first baseball team tomorrow so you can bet we will have lots of pictures to come of that.  Because lets be honest, thats the whole reason I am doing it at an age where he is going to be clueless about what is going on ;)


My Chase.  I just love this man so much.  He is such a wonderful Dad to our precious boys and I thank God every day that I have him as my teammate.  This year work has been a little crazy.  His company made some changes at the beginning of the year that dramatically affected his ability to be successful.  Because of that he had a lot of long hours and a few stressful months.  Luckily, management adapted quickly and fixed the system and all is well on that front again.  In May we did the Warrior Dash together.  (And when I say together, I mean we started at the same time and he ditched me a half mile in)  I guess I can't blame him.  He is competitive and I am pretty slow ;)  It was a blast though, and he has been working out before work to train for the Tough Mudder, which is 10 miles and 25 obstacles.

As for me, my number one job is still raising two human beings-which is such a hard job.  It seems I am always a few steps away from being the momma/wife/homemaker that I want to be, but I think what is most important is that I am doing my best and striving for better.  Besides that, I have been extra appreciative of a healthy body lately, and have enjoyed attending the gym regularly.  I had a blast doing the Warrior Dash in May, and have been doing a couple 5k's with friends.  I still hate running, but love the feeling when I'm done and love the way my body feels when I exercise.  I have gotten really good at making plans for house projects.  The problem is I am not so good at the executing part!  I am really new to the whole "DIY" thing so I am a bit chicken when it comes to my house.   Hopefully in the near future I will have some fun "Before and After" projects to show you!

 This past weekend, our family waited, and prayed, and fasted for my cousin Jen as she endured a very serious surgery due to placenta previa and placenta percutta with the pregnancy of her eighth child.  I am not sure why it takes watching someone you love go through something so dangerous and life threatening to remind you how precious and fragile life really is.  Jen is my oldest cousin on my mom's side and I have always admired her as a mother and woman of God.  I have learned so much from her and from how she has handled this experience. Although she is not out of the water and has a hard path of recovery ahead of her, I am grateful for the strengthening of faith she has given me throughout this experience.  Here is her blog, if anyone is curious or wants to read a story of miracles.

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Sooooooooo good to hear from you! You're such a sweetheart and have a wonderful and adorable family! Can't wait to see you in person! :) Love you guys so much!