Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunny California!

boardwalk and beach-reminds me of New Jersey!
Chase and Lincoln in front of the Batman ride (our second favorite roller coaster)
The Pantages theater where WICKED was playing was amazing!

What a wonderful and exhausting 2 days! We packed everything that we possibly could into our short time in L.A. but gosh was it a BLAST! Chase's meet was at UCLA so my mother and brother in law (Rhonda and Lincoln) flew to LA to watch his meet. We had SO much fun! The first day we went to Universal Studios, watched Chase throw, and then walked on the beach and the boardwalk at night. As far as the meet goes, it wasn't Chase's best. This weekend is a home meet at Utah State though and he usually does amazing here. The next day we got up really early and went to Six Flags! We only had a half day because we had to get Chase back with the team in time to catch his flight so we just ran from roller coaster to roller coaster! To be honest I was super nervous about all these crazy roller coasters. It seemed like every single one was "the highest, fastest, or most upside down" It was weird though because as soon as the ride actually started down the first big hill, I thoroughly enjoyed it and LOVED every minute of it. Then after waiting in line and anticipating what the next roller coaster would be like, I would panic again and get all nervous. It was weird. So here's my story. I LOVE roller coasters but I work myself up about them and get nervous right before they actually begin.

After we dropped Chase off we got tickets to go see WICKED. OH my gosh this musical was amazing! I had heard that it was good but I didn't know that it would be THIS good. I can't get the music out of my head, nor do I really want to. If you ever get the chance to see it, take it!

I feel so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family. I had so much fun with Lincoln and Rhonda. They spoil me to death and I love it! Thanks for yet another fun trip! Love you Taylors!!!


Lacey said...

You were just SO CLOSE to me! Its a shame we couldnt have met up, but I understand these things are rushed and difficult to plan around. Brian and I are going to see WICKED soon- I'm glad to here it got great reviews from you.

Taryn said...

Sounds like so much fun! We are going to Wicked in Chicago at the end of May when we move. I am so excited and now I am even more excited. Hope you guys are doing great, but it sounds like you are so I am not too worried!

Lacey said...

Burbanks not really close to us at all! but have fun anyway :) I hope Chase makes it!

Dustin & Heather Ashcroft said...

Looks like so much fun. I want to see Wicked so bad. I have most of the music memorized and love it!

sam and kyrsten said...

wow it looks like you guys are world travelers! how fun! yes i loved new orleans it was wonderful! are you guys still going to chicago! you need to let us know cause we will be there too!

Rachel and Jason said...

It was so good to see you (even if it was under sad circumstances and it wasn't for very long). I hope Chase did great at his track meet:) Tell him hi. Jase and I are so grateful to have you guys as friends! Keep in touch.