Sunday, April 20, 2008

A wonderful weekend of memories

This weekend was a fairly close replica of a very special weekend exactly 2 years ago. First I'll tell you about the one 2 years ago, then this weekend. Chase and I had been dating about 3 weeks and it was the busiest time of my life up to that point. I logistically had no time for a boyfriend but I just couldn't keep myself from irresponsibly spending as much time as I could with Chase. I was frantically learning all that I could about my newly elected position as the ASUSU Service VP and was also making final arrangements for Utah State's Blue Carpet Ball that I was in charge of planning. The big weekend and hard work boiled down to April 20. My parents were coming into town for my ASUSU inauguration on Friday, I was speaking at my good friend's baptism (Jason Nichols), Chase's one and only home track meet was on Saturday (so his parents were coming up to watch), and then my Blue Carpet Ball was that night. Circumstantially, this was a big weekend for us! I met Chase's family for the first time, he met mine, and they met each other! Everything about the weekend went perfectly. Chase even rented a tux and got me a corsage for the dance. So cute. I think that weekend was a kind of turning point in our dating and we knew that we really liked each other a lot after having so much fun sharing each other's special occasions.

This weekend had many of the same occasions. Chase did great in his home track meet yesterday. (He won the javelin competition with a throw of 195. The wind was incredibly hard and blowing the opposite direction though so that made the meet tough). The Taylors came up to visit and this time Lincoln came and brought his girlfriend. That night we went to eat at a fantastic Thai restaurant and then a bunch of friends (including Lincoln and Jesse) all went to the Blue Carpet Ball. We had a TON of fun together. What a great memory I will have of the time right before graduation.

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Derek and Bre said...

you look beautiful, as usual!