Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Aggies! (Take 3)

This is the THIRD time I have created this post, typed the info, painstakingly added each picture. Some times this thing is so frusterating. It kept telling me that my HTML code was unacceptable. Well then don't create it that way blogspot!! I also gave up on getting the pictures in the right place. anyway, hope this works.

Finally we won A game! Yes, ONE game. Its a big deal ok? Not only did we WIN, but we also scored 45-17! It sure was fun to watch the Aggies play well though! Maybe we;l beat the cougs in two weeks...heehee ;) A few weeks ago we went camping with "The Boonies" and Kylie and Spencer Boothe. We didn't get to go camping all summer long so we decided to take one of the last warm weeknds to enjoy the outdoors. We had a TON of fun! Hobo dinners are always FABULOUS, and Boonie and Jenn made some amazing peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert. yum yum!

This weekend I got to go to a NUSKIN conference with Kyle (and got to see Jade and Tayler!) It was a lot of fun! I dont' think I'm going to become a distributor at this point but I think their vitamins and skin products are amazing. We also got to go to Lagoon for NuSkin's company party. Lincoln works there so he got tickets. I had been feeling sick all day but I LOVE rides so I rode anyway. You can imagine those consequences...

So, anyone know of any jobs opening in Logan? Particulary something in communications that includes benefits? Pretty slim pickings...but let me know if you hear of anything! thanks, love ya'll!
I didn't feel so hot-This was while we were in line for WICKED for the second time, it was followed by ten minutes of me staring into a trashcan...

Dave, Chelsi, Leah, Chase-LOVE to go to games that we actually WIN!

The natives making peace
Kylie and Spencer-we are SO glad they moved to Logan
enjoying the wilderness of Logan Canyon
Jenn and Boonie-LOVE them!


kami said...

cute pictures! i hope you're feeling better now!

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

So you know that NuSkin is a HUGE sponsor of BYU, right?? Yeah right the Ag's beat the Coug's- you're dreaming Leah! J/K, I really miss you roomie. We want to come down to Logan soon and see everyone so let's go out to lunch!

Nicole said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you guys are settled! I hate job searching! Good luck and I hope you feel better too!

Lacey said...

your request is granted :) (about your mom)