Sunday, October 19, 2008

cruise tales: last part ( I promise)

Pretend these pictures aren't all mixed up. ok?
This was the "Lido deck" at night. The only problem was that the half that you can't see was always filled with drunk, smoking, half naked people. So we stayed away as much as possible.
Poor Chase got sea sick one night. Surprisingly the best medicine was to sit on the top deck in the wind and look/doze off at the ocean. I was sitting next to him at a table gobbling down the Mexican midnight buffet. ;)
Dinner in the Pride Dining Room. early seating.

Our favorite evening activity. Cuddling and talking overlooking the ocean.
Our private beach-and my red hat that I bargained from a Mexican

Favorite part of the trip: getting to spend ALL day every day with my Chase
Loading the ship after a fun day in Cozumel

Lastly, this was our home for the SEVEN hours we had to wait at the airport. Followed by a 4 hour flight, one hour layover, and another 2 hour flight. Arriving in SLC after 17 hours. ugh.

What a FUN trip! It really was wonderful.


Boonie and Jenn said...

That looks like you had SO much fun! I wish we could have gone :( Oh and I love your suit! I almost got that same one in red! Now we need to get together and hear all about your trip!

Katrina said...

I'm jealous! Looks like it was so much fun. I have the same problem with pictures when I blog. I'm not very computer savvy.

Lindsey said...

wow that looks like so much fun! i've never been on cruise... but i think your pictures have convinced me... we need to go! ;)

Dustin & Heather Ashcroft said...

Looks like so much fun. Glad you had a good time and were safe. I like your political post. I have been so sick about all this stuff lately. It's nice to know others are on the same page.