Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What do you get when you've got nothing to make for dinner?


The other day I was distracted until I realized my stomach was growling.
 It was 7:30pm and I had nothing prepared for dinner...
...and we might not have been grocery shopping for over a week...
I know I'm a "horrible wife".
So I decided to get creative.

I put some chicken broth in a big pot.
a bag of frozen broccoli,
frozen corn,
cut up a frozen kilbasey that I had in the freezer, and
some quick homemade noodles.

Oh yeah, and I added some spices at my leisure...
fennel, thyme,
bay leaves,
a little cream,

and of course some Tony's .

I was so proud of myself because I thought I had been so creative and had created a masterpiece.

Its not that it was bad, it just wasn't that good.
You know, too many combinations of flavors...
Its ok though, because it included a game.
Chase had to search his soup for the two "special noodles".

I know, we're crazy. Ya gotta mix life up a little sometimes you know?

P.S. The "Tom" part of this culinary masterpiece comes from the "T" noodle. Tom is the nickname that Chase and I both call eachother. Thats a story for another day...


jenifer said...

mmmm. looks tasty!?
love you guys-- you're adorable even with thrown together dinners...

kami said...

haha you're so cute. very creative. gotta keep married life exciting somehow right?

Lacey said...

i love making up recipes when theres nothing to make. the vision is always so good but it rarely actually tastes so. But we can give ourselves a high five for trying.

Nicole said...

K, I'm not going to lie that soup looks really good! I'm going to have to try it some time!