Sunday, March 15, 2009

What happened to the Taylor's?

I don't really have a good reason for not updating in a long time...other than I didn't have any cute pictures to put up? Ok thats not the real reason either. I just haven't felt like it. Lazy I guess. Anyway, we've been 2 busy kids. Chase has ONE MONTH left of his college education and will be graduating in May in Business Entrepeneurship. He has been working part time at Western Wats with me. I have been working at Western Wats as well as finding the speed limits for random cities across the country for a company called Inthinc. It is great because I get to work from home and choose my own hours. We've also been sick on and off for the past month. A nasty cold for Chase and a chronic cough for Leah. We're just about over it now though, just in time for the warm weather!

Two weeks ago my brothers Brian and Matt and Matt's wife Dara came into Boise for the weekend from Dallas. We sure love getting to see them! The weekend was filled with birthday celebrations(Kyle), Walley-ball, a mafia-type game called werewolf, playing with baby Tayler, and of course, plenty of basketball for the

This past weekend Chase's brother and sister came to Logan for a night and we showed them a good old time as Aggies. Abby is coming up to USU for school next year so we showed her around campus. We also got to teach them "The Scotsman" at an infamous Aggie Basketball game. We sure love Abby and Lincoln!

That is pretty much our update. We have just been enjoying the busyness of life and have been making good plans for the future. We have recently decided to try our hand at Real Estate this summer and head to Boise to learn from a pro. (My bro Kyle). It will be a fun learning experience-and you can always count on the Taylor's to be up for an adventure!


Taryn said...

So are you guys moving to Boise for the summer or for good? Just love figuring life out! It is great fun :) Glad you guys are doing well.

Emily said...

Wow you guys have been busy!

Lacey said...

lucky you to get to be in boise! I'm glad for an update on your blog FINALLY. I've missed you :)

Derek and Bre said...

That will be fun to be back home in Boise! I have the same question as Tar, is it permanent or just for the summer? Your hair looks darker, I like it!

Jodi said...

Very exciting to be making these future plans! I am happy for you guys, but really sad for Tate and I. Are you sure you don't want to move to Ogden instead? Come on! O-town is off the CHIZ-AIN!
So very much excited for you guys to be with us this coming momentous weekend! See you soon!

Whit said...

Leah! I miss you and I miss playing werewolf with you. At least you're still practicing! Hope you have a great day!