Thursday, October 29, 2009

21 weeks and loving the life within me

20 week photo

They are right when they say that the second trimester is the most comfortable time of pregnancy. I feel great, I finally look pregnant for real, and I get to feel like I have a little friend hanging out with me all the time. I love the closeness that I feel with him already. He is one active little guy! Sometimes I feel like I am riding a roller coaster all day as much as my stomach flips around. Other days I feel little kicks of approval as I go about my day to day business.


kami said...

you are so cute!!! and that bump is growing...i can't wait to see more pictures! i am glad you're feeling better - this is seriously the best part of pregnancy. i am 31 weeks and still feeling good so luckily it lasts awhile!

Boonie and Jenn said...

You are so adorable prego! I was telling Boonie just the other day that I miss being pregnant. I know that probably sounds weird but I do. Not all the sickness and shortness of breath. But just that closeness you talked about and feeling him inside. So enjoy!!! I do love having him here too though don't get me wrong and NO we aren't having another one right now to satisfy my craving to be prego again :)