Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love letters from Beck

Dear Momma and Daddy,

Thanks for waking up with me 3 times every night. Thanks for waking me up every now and then so I can play. Mom, thanks for feeding me every 2 hours for an hour even though it hurts really bad. I love your kisses and morning snuggles. Dad, I love the funny songs you make up and sing to me every day.
Love, Beck

Dear Mima Enzler,
You really saved the day when you and Papa came last weekend. I wish you could have held me more but next time I won't be under those dumb lights. Mom and Dad sure loved the help and dinners that you made for them! I am having so much fun being dressed up in all the knitted outfits you made for me. I miss you and can't wait until we get to hang out again.
Love, Beck
Dear Papa Enzler,
Thanks for being so cool so I can have a cool middle name. I LOVE the cradle you so lovingly made for me. I esspecially like that it rocks me to sleep. You might not realize it, but I can feel the love that was put into it as you hand crafted it. Miss you,
Love, Beck
Dear cousin Jen,
I sure love the beautiful quilt and cradle bumpers that you made for my cradle. I love the soft blanket so much that I peed all over it the first time I snuggled in it! Don't worry though, Mom and Grandma cleaned it up and its as good as new. I can't wait to meet all my second cousins in person!
Love, Beck
Dear Aunts and Uncles,
I love having so many cool people around me all the time. You have each helped hold me when I needed snuggling. I'm sorry I had jaundice when you all came to see me last weekend. All I wanted to do was be held and cuddled by you but instead I had to stay in those dumb lights. Our sleepovers sure were fun though. Mom and Dad say you saved their lives by taking shifts with me at night. Because you were there, my eyes were safe and sound and you kept those goggles on me so well. Can't wait until we get to play next time!
Love, Beck
P.S. Kaela and Lincoln were so wonderful to take night shifts with me, but Garrett and Jalene REALLY earned big points for staying up...can't wait until you're officially my aunt and uncle!
Dear Grandma and Grandpa Taylor,
Mom and Dad have told me how much you've helped them out lately. You were such great nurses to Mommy when her ankles were sprained. You have brought them dinners, driven me and mommy to all of our doctor appointents, watched me under the billi rubin lights, not to mention all the holding and snuggling we've gotten in. I sure love you guys and hope to see you as much as possible before you move to Oklahoma in July.
Love, Beck

Dear friends and family that I haven't met yet,

I can feel your love from all over the country. Thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers. I can't wait to meet you soon!!

Love, Beck


Taryn said...

Sorry you had to deal with jaundice. I am glad that was one thing we avoided. But he looks so cute under those lights :) And just keep pushing through with nursing! It will get better...not going to lie it just barely is getting better for me almost 7 weeks later, but it DOES get better! Weeks 2-3 were the hardest for me overall so hang in there! I know you are a great mom!

Dustin & Heather Ashcroft said...

He is stinkin' cute!!! I loved this post, so creative :)

Jalene said...

dear beck,

we love you.
so much!

love, jalincoln

Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

He is adorable! Take lots of newborn pictures because they grow super fast. James has almost doubled his weight in the past 2 months.

Dave and Chelsi said...

What a cute idea! You better save that one forever. Sorry we missed you this last weekend, but we'll be down again around conference weekend and would love to drop by. Miss you guys and love all the pics and updates!

Jodi said...

I miss him already!