Wednesday, April 28, 2010

8 weeks!

Our little Beckster was 8 weeks old on Monday! He just had his doctor visit today and his stats were great!
weight: 10 lb 13 oz 50%
length: 23.25" 75%
head: 15'' 20%
This boy's a growin!
He also got his vaccinations :( I almost opted to get them done later because of the controversy with vaccinations in babies but the doctor convinced me to do them now.
I do think it was the right decision.
He was so brave!
I just HATED hearing him cry sad.
Beck is the joy of our lives.
He gives his smiles so freely and loves loves to snuggle with his Momma and Daddy.
It is so much fun to watch him grow.
I finally put away all his cute newborn sleepers that he outgrew.
He is in 3 month clothes and I'm surprised at how well they already fit him!


Jalene said...

bah! he is so cute. i can't wait to see that smile in real life.

jenifer said...

cute, cute little guy!

Taryn said...

It really is amazing how fast they grow! I was pretty sad to put Stella's newborn stuff away, but at the same time they get to be so much fun. Glad everything went well with the vaccines :)

Jodi said...

he just gets cuter and cuter! have I said that before? i want to see him again soon!

Dave and Chelsi said...

I think I just stared at his picture for like 5 minutes without realizing it! He's so beautiful! Can't wait to meet him! :)

Dara said...

Gosh time flies! I can't believe Beck is 8 weeks already. He is absolutely adorable!!!

Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Wow! Beck isn't a newborn anymore? What the heck! Good thing it's so fun watching them grow - otherwise it would break your heart how fast it goes.