Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smiles for Daddy

About a week ago Chase came to me and solemnly asked,
"Do you think Beck knows I'm his Daddy?"
Chase took these pictures while saying hello after he got home from work.
I take them as proof that he does.
See how his eyes light up when Chase talks to him?
Life is soooo good.

This picture is only a few weeks old but its kind of outdated since Beck doesn't even fit in those Jammies anymore!

On a completely unrelated and kind of sad note, TWO of my favorite spoons got eaten by the disposal today. Now they've got rough, tongue cutting scrapes all over them. :( I'm actually really sad about it! Life is still really good though.


Jared and Kelsey said...

Beck is adorable! We are moving closer to you guys in may and can't wait to see you again!

Ben and Julie Schacht said...

Leah, your son is adorable! You sound like you guys are doing amazing! We need to get together sometime!

Dave and Chelsi said...

Of course he know's Chase is his dad, it's probably like looking in a mirror for Beck - not that he knows what that is ;) but he will someday!

Rachel and Jason said...

He is SO stinkin' cute!

Whit said...

he is so cute...and getting so big! wow! i need to meet him someday.

Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Oh man, there can be no doubt! Chase! That kid is a chip off the old block if I ever saw one! Especially in that first picture. He's getting so big! Love you guys!
PS: Leah, allow me to extend my sincere condolences for the loss of your most beloved spoons. This too shall pass.

Suzie Koskella said...

i think he looks so much like you! what a cutie!

Kaela Enzler Frame said...

Leas! Look at this link!

Dollhouses!!! I KNEW immediately that you'd love it!