Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"What is great about spring"

Hey ya'll, its me, Beck. I've been a pretty happy camper lately and I wanted to tell you all why. I LOVE SPRING! Here are some things I love about life lately.

Evening walks with my padres

lots of smiles all the time

I love cuddling with mom and my best pal, Penny

Here I am snuggling up in Mima's arms. Spring brings lots of visitors!! I was so excited that Mima came but sad that she got sick and had to go home early. See you soon though!

I also love hanging out while Daddy reads.

This is a typical "me" look. I am a pretty content guy (as long as I'm fed and the burps are out). Mom and Penny and I go out when its warm to enjoy the sunshine

My mom promised Aunt Tif some pictures but I promised Mom a walk outside so I had to make this quick. Hope you enjoyed them Tiffini! LOVE YOU!


Jalene said...

gosh. i miss little beckster. i can't wait to move down there so i can see him more often.

Dave and Chelsi said...

Leah, I got your message yesterday! You're so sweet! And your dream was funny too! (Don't worry, I'll definitely let you know when that time comes.) :) What are you doing either this Saturday (24th) or the 2nd weekend in May? We'd love to come down. Let us know! Miss ya!

Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Wait! Did you dream that Chelsi was pregnant too? So did I! That's so weird! (ha! just kidding - I don't know what your dream was about - just reading between the lines, as they say). But Chels, you better let me know when that time comes too, K? ( : LEAH!! Beck is such a darling little guy! He looks so happy - which is a reflection of the good Mama he has since you're like his whole world! He's got a pretty cool Daddy too! (Hi, Chase!) My fav was the one where he's got that huge open-mouthed grin - like he's laughing. Give him a kiss from me and a high-five from his pal Big Jude! ( :