Thursday, April 8, 2010

For good measure

Here are some pictures of my adorable baby.
I'm his mom, I'm allowed to brag to the world that I think he is adorable.
Also, here are a few things on my mind.
-Beck smiles when you make funny noises at him!!! I can't get enough of that grin.
-Conference was amazing wasn't it?
-Chase and I celebrated the 4th anniversary of our FIRST DATE with the championship Duke vs. Butler game, Beck in between us, and Chili's dinner thanks to an old gift card.
-My mom is coming to hang out with us this weekend-wahoo!
-FINALLY we've got some warm weather and I'm loving it
-Thanks for all your ideas and advice about schedules/routines. It is SO helpful to hear how everyone else does things. Before we had Beck I read Babywise and I've been reviewing it the last few days. I also read "The Happiest Baby on the Block". They are slightly conflicting viewpoints and it kind of just confused me about what I believe. I like certain principles of each book but I've been sort of melding them together to come up with my own ideas. I really like the Sleep, eat, awake pattern from Babywise but I don't think my 5 week old could ever be spoiled so I don't like that. Anyway, we are figuring things out one day at a time and loving life. Keep the advice and ideas coming, I love em.


Suzie Koskella said...

he is so adorable! you have the right to think that for sure! that is what being a mom is all about, figuring out what works for you and your baby! you are an amazing mom! :)

kami said...

he is so so beautiful leah!

i think you are completely right - your baby can't be spoiled. i completely disagree with the viewpoint that holding them too much spoils them. you can't spoil them - they need you, they need to be held, YOU are their everything! don't let anyone (or book) make you feel otherwise.

i don't like anything about babywise, except for the eat, play, sleep pattern. i have done that with max and maude and feel it works great. i love happiest baby on the block - it has some great tips that have come in so handy with maude. i read how you might not be swaddling them tight enough, and so i swaddled her tighter, and she really did start sleeping longer! it's not working anymore so hmm...i gotta figure that one out :)

but just know that you are amazing - you know what's right for your baby and as you listen to your intuition, learn his personality, and follow the spirit, you will do a great job!

(i meant to comment on the schedule thing too - but didn' here are my thoughts: i feed my baby when they're hungry, period. if we are needing to go somewhere, i'll feed depending on the situation - if she's going to be hungry right as we get there, i'll wake her up and try to feed her before, but if she'll be hungry just after we get there, i'll wait and feed her when we get there. i am pretty comfortable nursing in public, but this is also my second baby and it feels natural by now. once it becomes a little more second nature, it might not be as scary to have to feed him when you're out and about.)

Jodi said...

I need to see that baby again soon! He just gets cuter and cuter!

Ihler Family said...

Beck is adorable, I have loved seeing all of your pictures.
I am on board with the - you cannot spoil a newborn (I think you have about 3 months to figure out what works for you). I also know that babies develop habits pretty quickly so don't do something over and over again unless it is something you want to keep up.
For example: Addi had pretty bad colic and for a few weeks in a row would only sleep in her swing. After a couple weeks and some much needed rest I decided I didn't want her to have a swinging to sleep habit, so we tried something else. Once she was sleeping in her bed and on a decent schedule I was super consistent so that she would develp the habit I wanted her to have. I always had the end result in my mind so that neither of us would get stuck in a situation that I wasn't happy with.
I believe your baby is happy and acts best if they get enough sleep. I also feel that the "eat, play, sleep" pattern worked great for my kids. To this day they sleep great - so well in fact that if they do wake up during the night I know something is wrong.
Every kid is different and you are the mom - mom always knows her baby best.

Derek and Bre said...

I love his cute smile too! You are right, you do just have to take what you like and see what works best for you because every baby is different. The fun part is what works one day doesn't always work the next so it seems you are constantly trying to figure things out! I guess that is part of the fun of it all :) Congrats again.

Leah said...

THANKS so much for your comments and advice everyone, it is so great to hear!

Jamie said...

Leah, he is so cute. I am so happy for you guys. Kids are a lot of work but so worth it! It's so crazy that all of us girls are having kids now. Time goes by so fast! Miss ya and i hope to see you next time you come home!