Monday, April 5, 2010


I can't believe how fast time is flying, my baby is already 5 weeks old! He is such a sweetheart and is growing so quickly. It seems like every day he is bigger and looks different. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time so that my teeny tiny baby can cuddle in my arms forever. Life with a newborn definitely keeps me busy! Right now I'm trying to figure out how to keep a schedule with a family member who has his very own schedule. For instance, we were 45 minutes late for dinner the other day. So here is my honest question, I need your ideas on how you deal with these little problems. Beck eats pretty regularly-every 3 hours from when he finishes his last meal. So I knew he would be hungry at 5:00 which was when we were supposed to be at dinner. I had two choices, I could either wake him up to eat at 4:15 or so and possibly be late for dinner, or just let him sleep and go to dinner, knowing that he would wake up with a hungary vengeance as soon as we got there. He ended up waking up on his own at 4:15 but he ate for so long that we ended up being super late for dinner. So embarrassing! Any ideas? How do you balance your baby's routine with life?
Penny has pleasantly surprised us with the new family member. She loves Beck and loves to cuddle when I am feeding him. In this picture she is resting her head on his feet-how sweet!

My two little buddies hanging out with mommy while I eat breakfast.

Beck got to meet his good friend Jude a few weeks ago, Jude was so cute and curious and just wanted to play with Beck. Don't worry Jude, it won't be long before you can play together!

Beck also met his first crush, cute Stella. This picture was the first time all night one or both babies weren't crying. We realized having twins would be really hard!

First time wearing shoes! Thanks Aunt Tiffini!

Here are some things about Beck at one month old that I don't want to forget.

-You love to cuddle

-Eating is your favorite thing and you are growing quickly because you eat so much!

-You sleep great through the night and only wake up when its time to eat

-At 5 weeks old you started sleeping 6 hours at night-WAHOO!!!

-You are a very alert baby and love to watch the world with wide eyes

-You aren't very good at taking naps during the day and will only fall asleep in someone's arms

-At 5 weeks you started giving us big grins (that weren't gas related)

-You're happiest time of day is in the morning after you've eaten

-You love to take naps lying on Daddy's chest

-You still don't like getting your diaper changed

-You love Mommy and Daddy and respond to our voices


sam and kyrsten said...

leah he is super cute! he has such big beautiful eyes! and that crush of his... my my she has to be the cutest darn thing ever! :)

Derek and Bre said...

So happy for the update! He is so tiny and I really can't believe that he is 5 weeks old already! I just love him, he is so cute. I hope that we get to see you guys soon. Not that I am an expert since we are only a few months ahead of you but I think schedules are pretty hard to figure out till they are about 8 weeks. You may be better than me but it just took us a while to figure each other out. Once he gets a little bit bigger it is easier, nursing gets a lot quicker and everything just starts to come together. Hang in there, you will figure it out. Glad you are all doing well!

Jalene said...

haha. he is so cute. his facial expressions crack me up!

Taryn said...

What a cutie! It was so good to get together the other week. I agree with Bre, as nursing gets easier and easier it makes things faster. He woke up on his own like you said, but if he hadn't I probably would have woke him up before dinner. I would much rather deal with a mad baby in the privacy of my own home! Who knows what is right and wrong though. I think whatever you decide to do is right. Hope everything keeps going well for you! Keep us updated.

Nicole said...

I read baby wise and swear by it for 50% of the time! I didn't like the same concept you don't like. The point of the book was to make the baby revovle around your life and not the other way around so hopefully it won't be too spoiled and can act for themselves when they grow up. But being on that strict of a schedule was making me revolve around the baby and contradicting everything I was working for for baby wise. Long story short, I would have gone to dinner. You are such a beautiful and smart mother! And have very natural instinct for a reason! Good luck, you are doing great!

Lacey said...

I hate to say this, but for me- I just finally had to learn to go with Celahs schedule and put life on hold for a while. Your baby is the most important thing to you and if it means being late to dinner every once and a while- dont worry- they will be older BEFORE YOU KNOW IT and then there is a whole new set of problems :) just try to enjoy even though its hard sometimes. I remember feeling the same exact way as you, but now its just so much different. good luck!

Dave and Chelsi said...

I have a few girls at work that swear by the "Babywise" book too. I can email you a coupon for Borders and you can get it for around $10. Not bad if you want to give it a try. I'm sure you're doing a fantastic job! Sure do miss you guys! We've got to get together soon!