Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day to remember

Me and my Mom's
Not only was this weekend my first Mother's Day,
but it was also the day my sweet husband blessed my baby.
What a fabulous weekend it was.
 I do want to say real quick-I'm really sorry to the Mom's for having to work so much on Mother's Day.
The lunch after church would have fallen apart without your help.
Thanks, and sorry :)

The weekend was a special one.
My brother Kyle, Jade and unborn baby girl, and favorite neice Tayler got into town on Thursday.
We had lots of fun playing games and watching Tayler sing and dance for us.
Beck just loved his cousin.
Tayler was so cute. She walked around all day talking about "Baby Beck".
 Saturday Mom, Dad, and Kaela got into town.
We met up with the Taylors and saw Preston perform in "Crazy for You".
 Man that boy has talent!
The show was hilarious and we were all amazed at the talent for a Junior High group.
Beck was rarely put down the whole weekend.
He loved getting cuddled by his Grandparents and Aunts/Uncles.

Kyle, Tayler, and Beck

Chase's Family
  Chase's Family
 My Family

Chase and his little buddy

Chase gave a beautiful blessing. The spirit was strong and I was so happy to see my husband blessing Beck with what we and his Father in Heaven hope for his life. Beck was an angel during the blessing. He was sound asleep until 30 seconds before the blessing. For the actual blessing he was wide eyed and quiet.

He had even more impeccable timing when he had a MAJOR blowout seconds after Chase put him back in my arms. I'm talking ALL over his blessing outfit and Mommy's skirt.

Gotta love that :) I rushed out to change him. It was pure luck that moments before church started someone gave us a gift of "onesies" that were just his size. Mimi (My mom) also happened to have an outfit in the car. I guess I'll know to plan better next time! Sadly, we didn't get pictures in his adorable blessing outfit. Rhonda got the stains out for me so I'll take some pictures soon and put them up.

Four generation picture

It was a very special Mother's Day for me. One that I will always remember because we blessed Beck on the same day. This picture is cute-the women were all talking in the living room when all of the sudden the guys came marching in military style. They didn't say a word until they lined up in front of us and sang a song they made up..."We wish you a Happy Mother's Day" It was an adorable surprise!


Suzie Koskella said...

that was such a cute post! that is a day you will never forget! he is such a cutie boy! you are an amazing mom! :)

Ihler Family said...

I am totally in love - what a sweet baby. We have diapers on our list of things to buy this week so your blow-out story reminded me - Just in case I don't see you this weekend. With my kids some diapers blow-out easier than others & each of my kids did better in different brands. Addi used to blow-out every time until I bought the expensive Huggies Supreme (later she did fine in Kirtland brand). Cooper on the other hand does much better in the Kirtland brand from Costco, still does - but I didn't figure that out until he fit in the Costco sizes (I think they start with 1 / 2's.)
Happy Mother's Day - keep enjoying that adorable little boy.

Taryn said...

Yay for blessings. Boo for blowouts. They always occur 1. away from home 2. when you want them to happen the LEAST!! But what a special Mother's Day for you. Glad it was great! He is such a good looking boy!

Lacey said...

Leah he is SO ADORABLE! Dont you love that kids always have blow outs at the worst times possible?!?! Celah always used to do that. Thank goodness the blow out issue goes away after you quit giving so many bottles/nursing.