Wednesday, May 26, 2010

memory lane

My little automatic photo slideshow on my computer was flipping through these old pictures and it took me right down memory lane. So I decided to put a few up. Most of these are from Senior year I think, but there are some older ones here too. I sure did love high school. Yeah there were hard times and drama sometimes, but I had a bunch of AWESOME friends who I still love dearly, even the ones I don't stay in regular contact with.

after my 16th B-day party
Remember hanging out at break in the cafeteria? This was Junior year.

This one was at Nicole's house...although I'm not sure why she wasn't in this picture
We were such cool seniors...

Doesn't it just look like we love being around eachother?  Everyone has such big smiles

Last day of High School, before the Senior picnic.

Senior picnic

The famous picture of all "The Girls" Can you tell I was bawling my eyes out?
(Sorry Amanda, I don't have the copy with you in it)


kami said...

this was so fun!! i am stealing these pics for my blog.

i miss all of us too. sometimes i get lonely and miss those great times with girlfriends. what a lucky bunch of girls we were! i wonder when we'll all ever be able to get together at the same time again?

Leah said...

Kami, we really were lucky! Its amazing to look at the pictures and think about all of the cool things everyone has done with their lives. kids, missions, etc... I hope we can all get together soon too! If you want me to send any pics over email let me know :)

Nicole said...

I ran upstairs to show Devin this post! I might steal one of these pictures too! Good times!

Houston + Amanda said...

Thanks Leah for always thinking of all of your friends! That's why you are such a good friend. And hey I made a few of them--that was SO great to see!! Really SO fun!!

And I'm also stealing too! He he.

Love ya!

David said...

great pictures Leah!

Megan Jacobsen said...

Wow, I love it! Thanks for the look back Leah!

Anonymous said...

You guys were definitely all the cool kids.