Wednesday, July 7, 2010

recap in pictures

What a whirlwind! June really was the craziest month ever. It started out with Jalene and Lincoln's wedding. (Which was a blast by the way, what a great couple!) The next few weeks were spent packing up the Taylor's house, packing up our apartment, cleaning cleaning  cleaning, and moving all our stuff. I am SO sick of moving. 

Here are a few picture recaps
Lincoln and Jalene got married on June 5.  It was a party!
The handsome brothers
Leah, Beck, Quinn, Preston, Abby
Happy family at the wedding dinner

just being cute

My wonderful in-laws and brother Preston and Quinn left for Oklahoma City, OK to serve as mission presidents at the end of June.  They will be greatly missed over the next three years. 
photo by Jalene
Beck is gonna really miss his uncles. (and so are we!!)

Here are all the missionary tags from the Taylor side. What a great family tradition to serve missions of God!
Left to right descriptions:
Nolan served in Belguim when he was 19 years old. 
Nolan served as a State Missionary as an adult
Chase served in Venezueala at age 19
Lincoln served in Poland at age 19
Currently Nolan and Rhonda are presiding over a group of about 110 full time missionaries  in Oklahoma City, OK
The mini missionary nametag says "Future missionary" (that one is for Beck)

best pals

The 4th of July weekend was TONS of fun.  My parents, Kaela, Kyle, Jade and Tayler all came to vist. Oh yes, and their dogs.  I was too busy trying to be a good host that I didn't get any pictures of the weekend.  Not to mention that my camera charger is packed up in a box somewhere and my camera is almost out of battery. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful weekend filled with BBQ's, kite flying (or trying), cousins playing, family games, and of course fireworks.


Taryn said...

Wow, Beck is turning into such a little boy! It is crazy how fast they change. You looked absolutely beautiful at Lincoln's wedding, by the way :)

Boonie and Jenn said...

I agree with Taryn. You looked way pretty at the wedding! I have always admired your beautiful hair! Glad things are going well. We'll have to come visit you in the mansion :)