Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Baby Beck's" Four month check up

My adorable niece Tayler never says just Beck.
To her, his name is "Baby Beck". 
It is absolutely adorable. 
She adores him and loves to give him kisses on the head. 
He watches her intently as she plays near him. 
I can tell they are going to be great friends when they are old enough! 

Here are Beck's Four Month Stats:

Height:  25.5 inches 70th percentile
Weight:  14 lb 6 oz 25th percentile
Head:  16.25 25th percentile

He is growing at the exact same rate as before, which is great.  Still a tall skinny boy :)

Believe it or not, Beck is Four months old!  (Well, almost 2 weeks ago technically). 
I guess that means I have been slacking in posting since the last real post was about Beck at three months.  Gotta work on that...

Beck and beautiful Aunt Abby

Beck is such a joy.  He is getting more and more personality and he just brightens the mood with his big grins and giggles.  I often glance at him and realize he has been staring at me for awhile, waiting to give a huge smile as soon as we make eye contact.  He has a very good natured, calm personality.  He's so curious about his surroundings and when he is somewhere new he is totally content watching everything around him.  He is super easy to take around town.  I don't think it would be good for me to run errands all day, everyday because when we are out-and-about he never asks to nurse.  He watches the world quietly or sleeps until I am settled down and ready to feed him.  What a patient little sweetheart. 

Mimi (My mom) gave him his "Softee" blanket.  It is the perfect size and Beck is so comforted by it. 
Isn't it cute that Beck named his blanket his "Softee" ?  ;-) 
Naps have always been Beck's tough spot but this last week we've turned a corner!  I never gave up trying to get him to go down in his crib, without me rocking him completely to sleep, and I never got him up when he wakes after too short of a nap (if I know he's still tired) Finally that consistency is paying off.  This week he has been napping for much longer periods of time.  Rather than the normal 40 min-1 hour of me trying to coax him to sleep over and over again, he is now putting himself to sleep when I lay him down.  Let me just say, it has been delightful!

Beck loves his baths. He also loves to eat his hands all day.

Mr. Independent in his bumbo
We love reading with Daddy!
We love our baby Beck. 
Each little smile, roll over, or scoot is so exciting. 
I can't wait to watch him grow. 
Also, I wish he would freeze and be my baby forever.
 Its a hard decision. 


kami said...

ahhh!! he is soooo cute! and i am so happy for you that he's napping better...that makes a mommy happy.

Lacey said...

he is so cute! Way to go for getting hi to nap better. seriously, sticking to something is the best thing- I wish I could do a better job of it myself. you are such a good mom:)