Monday, July 19, 2010

for all you grammas and granpas out there!

Life lately:
Preston and Quinn came back from Oklahoma for EFY and YASI. We had a fun couple of weekends with them!
Beck's first time swimming in Lincoln and Jalene's pool.
It was evening so it was a little chilly.  Beck still loved the water. We even blew on his face and dunked him quickly a few times and he loved it!

love these guys!  Thanks for the fun time Preston and Quinn! We can't wait to see you again soon!

Beck played himself right to sleep. (adorable outfit contributed by Aunt Tiffini and Uncle John)
Every weekend in July (and some weeknights too) we have had guests staying with us for one reason or another.  Over the course of the past weekendwe had eight guests in addition to Chase, me, Abby and Beck.  Luckily never ALL at once, but it was still always a busy house with so many people coming and going. We have loved hosting so many people that we love. 

We had a bunch of members of our NuSkin Team (One Linked Team) down for a Nuskin Conference on Fri and Sat.  (MORE ON THIS LATER! Let me just mention-we are SO excited about what we've been doing lately) We didn't know what else to do with him so Beck came along.  I was worried he would be disruptive at first but he was an angel!  Everyone loved him all weekend and I was able to sit in the back and feed him whenever I needed.  I'd say two 10 hour days in a row would tucker a little guy out! 
On Friday night at Preston's performance he was exhausted but wouldn't actually fall asleep.
Sweet little guy.   
This was just a quick glimpse of what life has been like lately!  Busier than ever and loving it.

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