Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last week we had the lovebirds staying at our house.  It reminded Chase and I of our engagement...its hard to remember being that mushy.  ;-) We had fun though.  Their wedding is less than a month away! Jalene took some "groomals" while they were here.  We've only seen a few so far but WOW is all I can say.  Gorgeous couple, gorgeous pictures. 
Beck's latest obbsession is his toes...and it is oh so cute!
We traveled up to Boise for Kaela's bridal shower for Pioneer weekend. 
Beck got lots of good snuggle/play time in with Mimi and Papa
We also witnessed another beautiful sunset. I LOVE the view from our house-"The Estate" as we like to call it.
Back deck view
front yard view
When I was pregnant I always told Chase that I hoped Beck was a snuggly baby. 
Chase assured me that he would be.  I'm so glad he was right!

As always, the trip to visit family wasn't quite long enough, but we sure enjoyed it.  I love being around my Mom and Dad.  They are such great examples to me.   Jade is adorably 7 months pregnant with her second, Tayler is as cute as any two year old ever was, and its always so much fun to be around my brother Kyle. Good thing its only 3 weeks until we get to go back! 


Boonie and Jenn said...

I wish Carter was a snuggly baby. You are lucky! Hope all is well at the estate :) We should get together soon. Boonie still hasn't met cute little Beck yet.

Dave and Chelsi said...

I love all the updates!!! I've been slacking but enjoy catching up on yours! Beck is SO cute! Miss you guys. We need to get together again before the summer's over! Love ya!

kami said...

what a beautiful view! i hope we can come see it!