Wednesday, August 4, 2010

cinco!! (months)

Our little Beck is five months old!

It seems like every month mark he has a growth spurt.
He always seems to hit some developmental milestones on his month birthday exactly. 
This month he rolled over from back to tummy and got two teeth on August 1!

Also this month he:
mastered rolling both directions
learned to "inch" wherever he wants to go
found his feet, and loves to suck on his piggys, and
settled into a more predictable napping routine (YAY!)
tried rice cereal for the first time (yesterday)


Beck is still our happy boy-so willing to give a smile. 
We have all kinds of nicknames for him. 
Chase calls him "Budly Boofer" or "my little guy", or "my little man". 
I call him "sweet boy" or "chico banano"

This month Beck and Penny decided they are best friends. 
 He gets huge grins and smiles whenever she walks by. 
His first "scooting" was when he was trying to get to Penny. 
If Beck wakes from a nap fussing, Penny is already at the door trying to get in by the time I get there. 
The other day Penny, me, and Beck were napping on the bed
 and Penny settled right in at Beck's feet and layed her head on his legs. 

Last night we tried feeding Beck rice cereal. 
I was planning to wait until 6 months but I could tell he was ready. 
It was like he had done it a hundred times.
He opened his mouth wide for the spoon, closed, "chewed", swallowed, and opened for more.
It was the cutest thing! 

We just got him this little jumper and he thinks it is the funnest thing! 
He is a wiggle worm so its nice to have a place where he can release some energy. 

We love our little guy so much!


Megan Jacobsen said...

That's so exciting! I cannot wait to get our little ones together!

Dave and Chelsi said...

Happy 5 months Beck! You're definitely the cutest 5-month-old I know! :)

Whit said...

he is so cute, leah! i would like to meet him in real life some day!