Friday, August 27, 2010

goin' on an adventure!

A few weeks ago my brother Kyle and his family came to visit.  We got to spend most of a day hanging out with Tayler and we had a great time!

First we packed our napsack full of important adventure tools and made our way into the depths of the cave
We had a telescope and flashlight to help seek our treasures in the darkness

Luckily we had the expertise of a seasoned explorer and his bigger friend Chase
"I see something!"

She caught an elephant!
We had to climb mountains, crawl through canyons, and over HUGE rocks. 

It was dangerous at times, but luckily we arrived back at home safe and sound.

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Boonie and Jenn said...

You guys are so cute! What a fun aunt and uncle. Can I send Carter to come play?!?