Monday, August 30, 2010

lil' skipper

One thing we have been severely deprived of this summer was spending time outdoors.  Its sad to say but I am as pale as a ghost!  Our great friends Tate and Jodi took us on a boat adventure a few weeks ago.  It was a quick trip but oh so fun! Beck was lulled to sleep by the motor, and we all got some good wakeboarding in. **I had a video of myself doing a triple back flip over the wake but it took too long to upload. You'll have to imagine how cool I looked ;-)

Jodi holding the sleeping babe
Tate-"the wakemaster" ( I made that awesome name up)

"lil skipper"

**oops! Did I say "video"? I meant I had a really cool sunburn. 


Jodi said...

that was such a fun day! we're already due for another 'get-together'! you guys are great. hey- i'll trade you your pics you took that day for the pics i took that day. deal? talk to you soon!

Dave and Chelsi said...

Ah, sunburn, I was really looking forward to the video! :) We'll be in Salt Lake Saturday night for the Real game @ 7pm. If you're not busy, maybe we'll swing by before and say hi! Miss ya tons!