Tuesday, September 7, 2010

wedding bells!

Well, I know I'm behind but I have lots of good excuses! Weddings, internet outage, new church callings, our nuskin business, and a really cute baby to distract me. SO! I'll start with Kaela's wedding.

A few weeks ago many of our family and friends gathered from all over the country to celebrate my sweet sister's wedding.  It was a weekend filled with river rafting, pool parties, late nights chatting under the stars, golf and basketball for the guys (of course), pedi's and manicures with the girls, going to the temple, and just being together. A special thanks to my amazing mom for putting together such a fun weekend/family reunion.  You can really see how much she loves her family when she plans such a perfect week for everyone.

The Enzler family is spread out all over the country but everyone managed to come a few days early so we could draw out the party! My oldest sister Tiffini and John came in from Atlanta, brothers Brian and Matt from Texas, (we missed you Dara!!) Aunt Nancy and my cousins Sean, Tracy and her boyfriend Doug came from New Jersey, cousin Jen, Todd and their six kids from Texas, and my Dad's sisters Kathy from Virginia and Connie from Chicago.  Kyle, Jade, and Tayler didn't have to travel far.  It sure was a party.  Its not often that we all get to get together.  The only thing missing in the weekend was a few relatives and crabs!

Kaela was a STUNNING bride (of course)  It was so much fun for the family to meet Garrett.  He makes me sister so happy.  They are a great couple who I know will go far together.  They had three awesome photographers.  My SIL Jalene took some AMAZING pre-wedding photos.


Handsome Groom
Happy couple
I hope your marriage never loses that blissful glow!

It was especially fun for me to introduce Beck to my family.  Most had never met him yet.  I ran around trying to get as many pictures of Beck with my family as possible so I can show him the people that love him from afar.  Beck really made us look like great parents this week.  He is always a really good/easy baby but this week he was an angel! He was on no schedule because we were running around all the time and he never went to bed on time, yet he rarely fussed.  He gave smiles to everyone and was totally content getting passed around from person to person.  When we got home I felt like I missed him because he was in someone else's arms the whole trip. 
Enzler Family (missing Dara)
Kyle, Tayler, Jade, Chase and Beck, Leah, Brian, Mom, Dad, Matt, Tiffini, Kaela, Garrett
enjoying lunch in my parent's backyard
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Frame!!!!!


Dara said...

Awww. Missed you guys so much!!! Kaela looks GORGEOUS! Beautiful wedding. Beautiful family. Matt loved meeting Mr. Beck. Sweet boy! Thanks for posting these :) :) :)

mackyton said...

Looks like your sister’s wedding was an amazing event. Loved all the photos of Beck as he’s looking very cute, no wonder he can be seen in everyone’s arms. I’ll also be attending my sister’s wedding tomorrow at one of the beautiful Los Angeles venues. I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful ceremony.