Saturday, October 23, 2010

day 1,462 of eternity together

Today is a special day.
It marked the first day of our Fifth year together.  Four years ago on October 21, 2006 Chase and I were married. What a great adventure it has been.  Lots of ups and a few downs, but it definitely has been a wonderful ride.  Chase is a great husband.  I never have to question his love for me. I never have to question his desire to become the best man he can become.  We just have so much fun together.  I love that he has the same quirky humor that I do-even if other people don't really think its funny.  I love that he provides for our family and doesn't complain.  Watching him become a father has expanded my feelings for him like a balloon connected to an air pump.  To see him as such a tender, involved Dad just makes my day, every day.  Each time he gets up in the night and tries to calm Beck down, even though he knows there is a 90% chance that nothing but nursing will work, my love grows deeper.  He wants to be there for each moment; even the poopy diapers and tired nights. 

That makes me want to stick by his side. 
 For eternity. 


Taryn said...

Congratulations! Can't believe it has been 4 years!!

Jalene said...

yay!!! happy anniversary! you guys are so cute. love you!

Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary! (wish i would have been on the ball and told you in person!)4 years is exciting! I can't wait til we can say something like that! We love you guys.

Dave and Chelsi said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!

Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Aw, you love birds are as lovie-dovie as ever! I like that about you guys! I always get more smooches in with Jordan when we're hanging out with you because we like to follow your affectionate example. ( : ps. Jude and I (jenny) are going to be in cache valley from Nov. 9th to the 16th. Jordan won't be with us, though (dumb, med school - boo.) Anyway, I don't know if there's any chance of us getting to see you... but I would love it! I wish we could have another "white house" reunion, you know? So, no pressure - but if you're for some weird reason thinking about a trip to Logan anyway - let me know!! Love you guys! Give that handsome Beck a high five from his pal Jude!