Thursday, October 21, 2010

the one where Penny saves the day

Our dog is a hero!  It really could have been disastrous, but no, our trusty dog came to the rescue. So here's the story.

I ran inside to grab something real quick and left the car running.  Beck and Penny were both in the car.  When I got back out to the car (roughly 30 seconds later) I realized the doors were locked.  Car on? check. Beck awake? check.  Penny whining? check.  I don't usually cuss but-"crap". 

Besides that, I was supposed to be somewhere very soon.  It wasn't long before Beck started crying.  Penny sensed something was wrong and was whining at me through the windows.  Then I got an idea!  I coaxed Penny over to the Passenger window and started calling her name and tapping on the glass.  (This also placated Beck for a little while)  Of course she got all stressed out trying to figure out a way to get out to come to me.  It only took a few seconds of this before she stepped on the automatic unlock button and voila! She unlocked the doors for me!  HERO dog! 

Thanks Penny, you're the best. 

P.S.  Abby was actually on her way with a spare key when Penny unlocked the door.  That part makes the story a little less exciting though doesn't it?  I still appreciated Abby.  She was a hero too.


Abby Taylor said...

This is Abby. I really like that you titled your post like an episode of FRIENDS. That would be so cool if you could do that for every post!

Matt and Carolyn said...

That's amazing leah! my dog would probably just sit there and tear things apart as I watched. That little penny is a keeper!

Jodi said...

Penny is a genius! Impressive!

Jalene said...

oh no!

but yay, penny!!! what a hero! that's a good girl.

Lacey said...

yay penny! dogs are amazing! glad you got your little boy out!

Olsens said...

Great idea on your part, and yes, Penny is a hero.