Wednesday, October 13, 2010

one trip wasn't enough

Last week when my mom was in town we met Kaela at Garner Village.  We had lunch, walked around all the girly stores, and had a fun girls afternoon enjoying the adorable witch decorations.  It was so much fun that Kaela and I decided to bring our husbands and meet again for a picnic! 

This time we went to all the manly stores too. Ok.  There is no such thing at Garner Village.  The closest thing to it would be the Wild West store.  I think the boys had fun too though.  We took lots of pictures because lets be honest, who doesn't like fall scenes! 

Favorite moments of the outing:
*watching how cute Garrett is with his nephew.  Some people just don't know what to do with babies...he does

*posing for a million pics with my sis-and pretty much doing the same dumb face every time because I can't think of anything else

*holding my husband's hand as we walked around
*paying $4 for a lollipop that Beck dropped at the candy store-Wait I take that back. Not a favorite moment

*watching my baby take in all the new sights. (You can tell from the pictures he is mesmorized by his surroundings)
*Anastasia's Attic-a store filled with princess stuff.  Not hot pink, glittery princess stuff...more like vintage lace, Russian tea hats, pearls, and romantic gowns.  mmmm...I loved that place.

Here are some more fun pictures of the evening.

 Can you see where Beck gets his facial expressions? 
 We had so much fun with these newlyweds!
I definitely want to make this a yearly tradition. 


Derek and Bre said...

I love Gardner Village at Halloween it is really fun! You have an adorable little family!

Leah Marie said...

Leah I really think it is absolutely impossible that Beck be any cuter! He is ADORABLE! Miss you guys!