Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this looks like a pattern to me.

I'm thinking this is all one big hoax. 
The weather people, they say this year its a cold, snowy spring. 
as if it is such a big surprise.
They say things like "Spring just never really came this year", like its unique. 
I don't believe it! 

I have experienced Utah's so called "Spring" seven times now,
and EVERY year it is just a long, chilly, extension of winter. 

My sister in Atlanta sends me pictures of herself basking in the warmth by her pool. 
...and I send her pictures of the three {freshly fallen} inches of powder. 

Last year, Chase and I spent mucho hours and $$ cultivating a loving spot for a big, organic garden.  
It was mid JUNE by the time the threat of frost was gone and we could plant.
Want to know what our harvest was?  about 7 tiny, green tomatoes. 

So people, I have a solution.  Admit it to yourselves. 
Spring doesn't happen in Utah! 
Once we change our paradigm of normal,
we'll save some money on the Spring wardrobe, and instead buy discounted winter clothes. 
Then we can happily wear them until June.
Once Summer comes it will be like "wahoo! See ya later winter" 
and we can skip the whole- longing, and hoping and checking the forecast every day. 
Win, Win and WIN!
Hail from last night's wicked thunderstorm.  It reminded me of Virginia!


Leah Marie said...

I think you are on to something here Leah. I think I will take your advice for my sanity's sake. This weather is driving me crazy!

Chase Taylor said...

Great post honey! Some day we'll live in a warm climate! Maybe we'll just live in Hawaii, and the beach will be our daily activity! Love the blog, but mostly I love you!