Wednesday, April 27, 2011

baby sites

My dear dear sister is adopting!
I seriously can't wait to meet that little guy...
We were chatting today and she asked what baby websites I frequent.
I thought I'd put the list together here because I wonder if others would be curious too!
This was my go-to site during Pregnancy and after. 
I still get their weekly developmental emails and I LOVE them!
Baby Center

Toys I covet. I have always fancied wooden toys...these are all just so darling.
This site shows you how to make your own baby food. 
I found it very easy and fulfilling to make Beck's food when he was still eating "mush".

I get daily emails from Zulily.  Its a little bit like groupon, but for baby's and kid stuff!

Here is a baby blog that I like.  They have some good recommendations and touching stories.
I loved their post called: Brands we Love.  ADORABLE clothes.

Here are a couple shoe companies.  Soft soles for new walkers, they STAY on their feet,
 and they last forever!

So, what baby-related sites do you love? I'd love to hear them!

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