Saturday, April 30, 2011

those eyes...

Ohhhhhhh those eyes....

Is it just because I'm his Mom? 
Because, those eyes, they hypnotize me.

Seriously.  I just can't get enough of them.
  ...of him

When I look into those eyes,
all is right with the world.

How could it not be?

When I look into those eyes
I see perfection, I see God's image.

I think God sees me through Beck's eyes too.
...through my interactions with him.
...through the same lens that Beck sees me.

Even when he was a newborn,
those eyes looked at me and told me so much
They told me he knew I was meant to be his mom,
and that I could do it.

Sometimes I felt like those eyes understood more than I realize.
Like any minute he could answer me with
"Hey Mom, why are you making all those funny faces at me?"
Sometimes I thought he could, if he wanted to.

Those eyes.

I love them.

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ciekawe zycie Lincoln'a said...

I am in love with this kid. Like he's my own:-)

Anonymous said...

yay!! Big pictures ;) I can finally see the cutest boy ever. Thanks for posting the blog on baby sites. love you xoxo

Taryn said...

What a cute little boy! The love we feel for our little ones amazes me daily!

Piril Maria said...


kami said...


whit939watts said...

i have always thought beck's eyes were amazing! what a cute little guy!
hope you guys are doing well!

Chase said...

Our baby is so dang cute!!